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22 07 2010
  • 02:19:46: New definition of a living hell: being on hold with comcast for 35+ min when Internet goes down at 1:30am. Never got through, gave up.
  • 09:00:46: Woke up, thankfully Comcast backbone problems were resolved overnight. Wish I’d skipped calling them last night, I’m kind of a wreck today.
  • 12:45:29: Had a quick doc appt to prep for my next foot surgery. Which I won’t tweet 739 times during, I promise. Joke only works once anyway.
  • 14:28:33: I know they hinged a lot of continuity off it, but how is “The Naked Now” from Trek TNG Season 1 possibly canon? It’s crazy bonkers nuts.
  • 19:56:55: Pepsi One is ambrosia. It is literal Nectar of the Gods. If they ever stop making it I will murder myself.
  • 21:00:09: RT @KeikoTakamura: My copy of ANACHRONAUTS came in the mail!
  • 21:45:13: Got the new fishing rods launched in 7Seas. Fishers are happy. Great Success !!

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22 07 2010

Partly because it’s a callback to the original series episode “The Naked Time”. That and I believe the whole concept is that the inhibition-smashing space virus was written as an “in vino veritas” plot device, to show what the characters are “really” like behind their usually carefully-polished professional demeanor.
(Plus, fanservice and fetish fuel.)

22 07 2010

Partly because it’s a callback to the original series episode “The Naked Time”.
Which was/is also crazy bonkers nuts in a lot of places.

22 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Quite a lot of TOS was crazy bonkers nuts in a lot of places. It’s just surreal to see TNG put forward an ep where Data apparently can catch a human virus as canon, when later eps deny he can, etc. It also had 97% more sexytimes than, well, anything else in the series.

22 07 2010

I strongly suspect that, between the callback to Classic Trek and the blatant pandering to, well, everyone, it was a case of the untried new show doing everything it could to grab an audience so they wouldn’t get canceled right out of the gate.
The first season has, in addition to the clumsiness of a new cast settling into their roles, a fair amount of the dirty-old-man fanservice that Roddenberry apologists usually try to play down. The man might have been a visionary, but he was also a huckster (look up the story behind IDIC, or the lyrics he wrote for the TOS theme) and a bit of a pig.

22 07 2010

Speaking as one who was young when TOS first aired…
I appreciate your viewpoint and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. And if I never see another scantily-clad Damsel in Distress in Space it will be too soon — Una excepted, of course!

23 07 2010

I will admit to admiring the… “construction” of Andrea, and the Alice series. *-_-*

23 07 2010

… So how much of those costume designs were Roddenberry’s fault, and not that of William Ware Theiss?

24 07 2010

The Great Bird signed off on every one of them, and in many cases, offered *cough* suggestions.

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