From Twitter 07-20-2010

21 07 2010
  • 17:57:00: New monitor arrived. I have crap lick with hardware; hopefully it’ll just plug and play and done. Higher rez though. Could get wonky.
  • 18:20:02: Reconnected with an old friend today through The Miracle Of Social Interwebinating(tm). They’re clearly for more than posting kegstand pics.
  • 20:01:20: Huzzah! New Sam & Max game arrived today. Also gonna chill with Andy and watch Leverage. Also gotta launch new fishing rods. Busy eve.
  • 21:59:20: New monitor is in! And it immediately worked! Hooray! …needs some tuning and tweaking but so far, so good.

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21 07 2010

Guess who got his copy of a certain book in the mail today? Aw yeah, that’s right, its me. So the book is great. A real thing of beauty, especially the cover. My only wish is that the chapter titles were at the top of each page for easier navigation, but that’s a tiny problem. Chapter 0 was great, a nice look back while also setting up what is to come. Can’t wait to shove the book into the hands of as many people as possible and grow the 2F army more and more. :)

21 07 2010

I’ve got my copy too. No clue what’s the right place to discuss it though. All I’m going to do is ask an obvious question in the most vague way I can manage: There’s a certain event referred to in the sa series that has already happened in a00. Would I be right in guessing that a certain something introduced in the fs series that was given an awfully suggestive description at the time before being the solution to the immediate peril will be the solution to said future event as well, creating the need for the aforementioned forbidden place in a00?
Also, the person Benny hires in a00 says more about the eventual state of the world than anything else, if you think about what everything implies.
Hopefully that was vague enough not to spoiler anything on anyone. =p

21 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

You may or may not be correct!
I will say though that it’s not Benny in a00. He’s just a Broker, in the finest tradition of Brokers before him.

21 07 2010

Yay for equally vague responses! =)
Was simply taking a guess on it being Benny, given the apparent timing, the usual suggested lifespan of demonic entities, and the lack of other Brokers referenced to date in the series. That of course does no preclude several other possibilities.

21 07 2010

I’ve read all this and I can’t figure out what you’re talking about for part of this, so I’d say it was more than vague enough. ;)
I know what you mean RE: event that’s already happened in a00… and the forbidden place…
The something introduced in FS with the “awfully suggestive description” though, I dunno what that’s about. Yet I burn with curiosity! Email me at if you can’t think of how to obfuscate-yet-clarify here. :D
And on a related note to the “It’s not Benny himself” confirmation from 2f here, I like it that all the framing characters in a00 are new people with familiar echoes, shall we say.

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