From Twitter 07-19-2010

20 07 2010
  • 00:20:24: Okay, got two more scenes (woo, two scenes, big deal) done for the next story. Nyquil is kicking in and I’m crashing.
  • 09:33:06: Cough, cough, sneeze, repeat. Dayquil. This crap better not be addictive; I hate taking meds, even when I need ’em.
  • 11:27:40: If you missed it from last week… anachronauts: the first age is now available as a printed book or ebook! Enjoy.
  • 12:32:31: That Facebook movie? DIRECTED BY DAVID FINCHER. That’s eight kinds of wrong. That’s like Cronenberg doing a… wait, that’d actually work.
  • 12:35:08: Although really, David Cronenberg would be better at doing a Craigslist movie. Just… think about that one, for a minute. If you can.
  • 16:54:07: It’s sunny out, and it’s raining. That’s always a bit creepy. Kind of like reality got a Blue Screen of Death.
  • 18:21:36: RT @alyankovic: Hmmm… I keep feeling like I’m forgetting something…
  • 18:22:49: Dragon Quest 9 has arriv’d. Was gonna save it for next month’s foot surgery, but I could use a pick me up toy, so off I go.
  • 18:37:01: …”Benevolessence”? Seriously? Oh, you wacky JRPGs with your Crystal Dragon Jesus tropes.
  • 19:22:41: Did I just earn pagan worship in crystal form by picking up piles of horsecrap with my bare hands? #DQ9
  • 21:43:56: RT @KeikoTakamura: Dora the Explorer explains INCEPTION. I could have used a map.
  • 21:44:33: Done #DQ9 for the night.
  • 21:48:15: Hit enter too soon on that tweet. –wait, just saying that ate up 33 characters. How am I gonna express myself now? No room! Can’t even fin-
  • 22:36:57: I talk to our SL chatroom about reporting incidents properly, and someone throws a hissy fit and quits. I’m really sick and tired of it.
  • 22:40:21: ..and I’m immediately replied to on Twitter by a winky supposedly female spambot I can’t seem to block or report. Faith in humanity falling.

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20 07 2010

She’s not a spambot, she’s my *friend*. You jerk.

20 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I meant twitter user “catinaxDBKAOHU”. I’d link, but the account’s already been pulled, thank goodness.
As for your friend, her twitter feed is protected, I can’t see it.

20 07 2010

Book arrived yesterday. I read the bonus story first, which answered one question I’d had for a while but created many more. Then I browsed through and reread some of my favorite parts. This is really a nice thing to have. Thanks for making it possible!

20 07 2010

Fincher and Facebook…
Yeah… I felt exactly the same way. Even after I saw the trailer I was trying to figure out the angle. Then I realized that Aaron Sorkin wrote the script, got a copy of it, and realized that the entire film is a metaphor for loneliness in the midst of a crowd.
And so how are YOU sir?

20 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: Fincher and Facebook…
Holy crap! You’re alive! Email me, man!
I guess if anybody can justify a movie about the most vapid and culture-destroying website in existence (well, second behind 4chan) it’s Sorkin and Fincher. Still, I’d rather rent than go to a theatre on that one. Prices are craziness.
As for me, I’m doing good — moved into the new house with Jen and Andy, set up nicely. Fighting off a cold right now, though.

20 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Glad you like it! ^_^

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