From Twitter 07-17-2010

18 07 2010
  • 00:47:37: New record high score in Beat Hazard: 3.4 million in Hardcore difficulty on Invaders Must Die, by The Prodigy. Okay. Nyquil, and SLEEP.
  • 16:16:13: Despite my virulent plague, going to see Inception tonight. I will no doubt curse many with my affliction and I don’t care. INCEPTION, baby.
  • 21:28:43: Just got back from Inception. It might’ve gotten sloppy with the “kick” rules near the end, but was still damned entertaining and intense.

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18 07 2010

I may have an answer for DQ9?
I know this is three days ago, but I feel I can weigh in on DQ9. You’ll likely enjoy it more if you’ve played other games in the DQ series, but it’s not a requirement. Gameplay-wise, it has a VERY generous difficulty curve (and as far as I’ve seen (8hrs), no problem you can’t outlevel). As long as you’ve got a healer in there somewhere you can make up any party you like without having problems. I can’t vouch for the story and probably couldn’t even if I’d finished it, I don’t think I know what would be your tastes there.
Small thing you may not like – you see equipment placed on your characters, so for most of the game it’s gonna look like they lost a fight with their closet.
– Some Random Fan (hardkore JRPGer)

18 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: I may have an answer for DQ9?
Yeah, the lack of customizable outfits is a pain, but otherwise it sounds right up my alley.
I’m gonna be laid up on the couch after a surgery soon, with TiVo / iPhone / NDS. I wanted to make sure I was loaded with new games and new video to watch to make it pleasant. I’ll grab a copy of DQ9 and save it for then. Thanks!

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