From Twitter 07-16-2010

17 07 2010
  • 09:28:20: Apparently we had an earthquake last night. I heard a BANG! and felt the earth shake. I was really, really hoping DC didn’t get nuked.
  • 15:08:42: Spent much of today napping. I. HATE. being sick.
  • 17:27:25: My monitor’s starting to croak.Gotta find a new 1680×1050 LCD, good contrast, HDMI AND VGA inputs, buttons along the bottom to swap sources.
  • 18:17:14: I THINK I’m over the hump here. Throttling back the Dayquil. That stuff messes me up; I wanna be alert, dangit, and enjoying weekend.
  • 18:21:03: Looks like the anachronauts books have started arriving! Even a few overseas readers got ’em. Enjoy, folks! Let me know what you think.

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17 07 2010

Yeah, I got the book on Thursday, which was much, much earlier than I was expecting for it to travel here to the UK. Fantastic stuff – I’m really glad to have a hard copy of it, and the bonus chapter is fun. Is the frame story for it something that’ll continue or be explained more elsewhere? It’s intriguingly hint-y.
Probably going to read the Second Age again now…

17 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The framing story will be revisited in one context or another. Can’t say more without spoilarz.

17 07 2010

Wow, so I may have been the first to get mine way back on the 12th? o.O
Wish it was signed so when you became world famous I could lord it over people as you charge Shatneresque prices for autographs!

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