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8 07 2010
  • 18:08 Privacy and the Internet are perpendicular concepts. Only takes 20 minutes to go from real name to full stalker intel. #
  • 18:23 Regarding WoW, I disapprove of unilaterally revealing everyone’s names. That’s a jerk move. But in general privacy is not that private. #
  • 20:49 The cheesy 80s cartoon with movie monster kids at summer camp that I loved? Yeah, YouTube’s got it. All hail YouTube. #



7 responses

8 07 2010

18:08 – Bonus points for Pedobear peeping.
20:49 – is it sad that I know the one to which you refer without having to click the link?

8 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Ahh, Mini-Monsters. So horrible. So neato.
And largely the ongoing meme in my brain that’s responsible for characters like Emily and (quite directly) Melvin Tinker. Not directly in a copyright-violation sense, but directly in a general fascination with modern day mages.

8 07 2010

Camp Mini-Mon wasn’t bad per se, but my favorite from that package was always the latest effort from the studio’s anime-superheroes division, TigerSharks. Might have had to do with the age difference – I was already 20+.

8 07 2010

18:08: Speaking personally, I’m fairly relaxed about the privacy thing. But I have a Google-proof name.

8 07 2010

I’m more worried that people who are savvy about privacy but not savvy about video games are going “I’m definitely not playing any MMOs any time soon”. To outsiders, Blizzard *is* the MMO industry…

9 07 2010

I’ve posted on the WoW forums (for however much *that’s* worth) that if they go through with this garbage, Blizzard doesn’t get a penny more of my money. I was looking forward to everything they’re putting out, too, but if they wanna put their users at risk of such horrible abuse, they’re not someone I want to do business anymore.
Hell, it’s so easy for account hackers/gold farmers to get at your information as it is, and this will just give them extra incentive.

9 07 2010

Never posted on their forums, never will. But I AM looking forward to the Starcraft 2 Collectors Edition with anticipation…simply because I plan to sell the Thor pet code on Ebay. Muwahahahaha.

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