lf01 is chasing the dragon

7 07 2010

Sorry, but this isn’t actually a prelude to a Red Cliff-esque awesome war epic.

The intro scene for the first chapter of the next anachronauts saga is now up.

…I have no idea if anybody is even reading this blog anymore or anachronauts, for that matter. Could be in the few months I took to recharge the batteries and play some vidyuh gaems, I lost my readership. So if you read this new passage, post somethin’, okay? Even if it’s just an adorable picture of a cat with a caption. I am a needy little thing when it comes to attention, I admit this.

A lot of what held back London’s Fog was stumbling blocks and insecurities. Will the new cast mesh well? Does the way it all start make any sense? How about the plot progression as we make our way towards Britannia? I had a lot of issues to iron out before I felt comfortable getting started on this. I still don’t have it all worked out, but hell, I didn’t have it all worked out when I started the other two major runs. “I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it” hasn’t failed me yet! …well, yes, it has, and quite spectacularly (Slayers Starboard) but I’ll put faith in it anyway.

In book news… the proof will be arriving soon. If everything looks hunky dory, the book will go on sale this week. Tentatively it’ll be in printed book form ($16), Kindle form ($10), or paypal donation-gift alternative ebook form ($10).

I know the open source folks out there will want that last option, but it may be delayed since I’ve been having NO luck converting the book to a good and readable ePub format. If any expert guru out there wants to lend a hand at taking an HTML file and cranking out an ePub book, let me know. I’m thinking I’ll post a01-a08 (no bonus chapter) for free on the website if I can get them converted properly, with the bonus chapter in the donation pack.


  • 12:52 Sweet! Rock Band’s DLC of “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” is the full 11 minute long album version. Now we need Rush’s “2112”… #
  • 13:48 Doing a spambot purge of the ‘ol Twitterlist today. Alas, I shall no longer be popular with those who desire massively engorged phalluses. #
  • 14:01 Experiment time! If you’re looking forward to new Anachronauts stories and the upcoming book, retweet this. bit.ly/cht0Fo #
  • 15:58 Workday’s done. Gonna try outlining the next anachronauts chapter by iPhone notepad while chillin’ on the couch. Relaxamatron, activate! #
  • 17:16 Listening to my chillout Pandora mix, pondering plot stumbling block solutions. Eastusa needs some MiBs, I think, to stay in the game… #
  • 21:12 After several hours of mental meandering I think I have the kinks worked out for the first half of the chapter. The rest, well… um. #
  • 21:38 anachronauts fans: It would be wise to go re-read Second Age 02 before you delve into the next update (which MIGHT! be out tonight). #
  • 23:22 And… done! Well, not DONE, but the draft intro for anachronauts: london’s fog 01 is finished and now available. bit.ly/9Gsyoe #



18 responses

7 07 2010

Woo! More 2f writings!
Woo! More anachronauts!
Reaction: Woo! Benny! And… *snerk* Blessed union. Benny’s just the guy.

7 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ll confirm that I’m taking the same approach I took in Forsaken Shores for the team:
* Two established characters who’ve done this before
* Two new / background characters elevated to main cast status
* One dapper robot

7 07 2010

I’m still here and about to read your story. I’m just sooo happy for an update.

7 07 2010

What, you’re still here? And you want something? Whine whine whine.
Nice. I like how Benny has gradually grown into the ikon of Trade. ;) Quite the delicate dance he dances with Lord Wu, too. And the invitation is cute, as is the manner of its delivery.

7 07 2010

I thought you said this wasn’t the prelude to a war epic? Clearly you haven’t been to enough weddings. :)
Good start and YAY BENNY! Sorry, just had to get that out of my system. Intrigued. Very intrigued. Just one question. What happened to Wallflower?

7 07 2010

I think you’re too hard on yourself. Sure it’s not as epic as the battle of Red Cliffs, but then again what is? I think your epic is quite nice despite that! ^_-

7 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I probably won’t have time to do a full exploration of China, so I figured if I’m gonna establish that Benny is connected all over the globe, I should use a location that we haven’t heard of yet.
Before I started writing I had NO idea what China’s “gimmick” would be. Bulletproof dragons effectively reducing the country to a Romance of the Three Kingdoms era is a bit silly, but hey, it works for a one scene gag.
(They MIGHT return later, after London’s Fog, for reasons I can’t go into right now.)

7 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Still writing it. I’ve got plans for two more blog entries and an extra comment-linked page, once I smooth out the wrinkles in them.

7 07 2010

Looking forward to more Anachronauts.
As regards the book… are international deliveries possible, or is it America only? I’d love to have a hardcopy to treasure.

7 07 2010

More Anachronauts? E-x-cell-ent! (Rubs hands together.)

7 07 2010

Woot, more! Book as well!
Also, I mantain that I like Benny far, far more than I should.

7 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

You’re gonna get mauled on the shipping fees, but yes, it ships internationally. Moar info.

7 07 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

For a whoremongering amoral merchant of death, he’s a pretty okay guy!

7 07 2010

I haven’t actually read Anachronauts (it being on my eternal to-do list), but still following just the same.

7 07 2010

Still reading blog! Still interested in what’s up in the Twofiverse! Have not, alas, really cracked Anachronauts yet.

7 07 2010

Am reading. Is good.

7 07 2010

This coming from the guy who still gets randomly contacted about mods he did many years ago? I don’t think you’ll be able to get rid of your readership that easily. ;)

8 07 2010

Still reading after all these years…

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