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30 06 2010
  • 14:14 Awww, jeez! GTA4 is five bucks on steam. Another ‘edge case’ game where I can KINDA play it but not really. Eh. This time I’ll pass. #
  • 14:24 Every pop song in history boiled down to the same four chords. #
  • 18:08 Hm. The cover’s fraying away on my favorite computer desk stool. How far will I go for comfort? Would I KILL A MAN?! (well, no, but close.) #
  • 19:56 anachronauts sa06 updated, with an additional entry. Also: the book is coming! Stay tuned! #



3 responses

30 06 2010

14:24 Pachelbel is following me!

30 06 2010

To be fair, a lot of songs only use three.

1 07 2010

Axis of Awesome are great, plus they are Sydneysiders!
I especially love the way they always close Four chords with the second last being their own song.
Also, damn it, I meant to grab GTAIV because I lost the first DVD for that can and cannot play it anymore, and I forgot to purchase. I might see about grabbing the GTA pack at some point.

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