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25 06 2010
  • 10:07 Just realized I’m basically not taking any vacation time this summer (no beach, no 3-day Otakon). Not good. So, nabbed a few random days. #
  • 10:07 “All work and no play make Twoof something something.” “…go crazy?” “Don’t mind if I do! AHWYAAHWEGHH” #
  • 14:44 Why do all DVDs have awful volume normalization? “mumblewhisperquiet OMGLOUDBOOMBLAM mumbledwordsetc.” #
  • 16:28 The Dresden Files TV series is too much Law & Order and not enough Harry Potter. Just too dull and muggly and slow. #
  • 20:18 When Second Lifers aren’t being rowdy jerks, they’re being oversensitive jerks. Causing trouble or declaring trouble where there is none. #



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25 06 2010

You need to read the Dresden Files novels. I haven’t seen the TV series, but just going by what I read about the show on Wikipedia, the novels sound colossally better than the TV adaptation.

25 06 2010

He has read them, which really points up the show’s shortcomings.
It’s not unwatchable or anything (except for the adaptation of Storm Front, which is one of the two weakest books anyway), and it does have its good points, but it makes far too many totally unnecessary changes.

25 06 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yeah, I’ve read all the novels. I was hoping for some “quirky and fun but cancelled by idiot management” shows, but no, it was clearly cancelled because it was boring as hell. Interesting character relationships were replaced by different, less interesting ones.
Even the cosmology of magic was scattershot. Do the Fae or Vampires even SHOW UP? They’re practically 80% of the Dresverse. Instead we’ve got crud about bird people and Anubis and extremely generic GRAH KILL werewolves instead of the more interesting ones from the books.
Dresden Files were a large inspiration for anachronauts… urban fantasy, blending genres, blending mythologies. This pile of suck doesn’t count.

25 06 2010

Bianca was in one or two episodes. She was still a vampire madame but her character was kind of a Susan/Bianca mishmash film-noir-esque femme fatale in trouble. And as I recall it was strongly suggested Ancient Mai was actually a dragon, not that anything ever came of it.
I do have to point out that Fool Moon was largely about GRAH KILL werewolves, in fact various kinds of GRAH KILL werewolves neatly cataloged like something out of a D&D supplement (much like how there’s enough elven subraces for every individual elf to be his own ethnic group). Which is mostly why I consider it far, far and away the lamest entry in the series and am very glad later books’ werewolf involvement has been limited to Billy & Pals and a few passing references.

25 06 2010

Yes, but you hate werewolves anyway.
Although admittedly, Fool Moon still wasn’t great.

25 06 2010

Yeah, everything I’ve read about the TV series says I’m just as well off not wasting time or money on that.
So, did you know about the tabletop RPG?

25 06 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Fool Moon itself was meh, but Billy & Pals were interesting because they had control over it and were using it in different ways than you usually see in werewolf stories. The traditional werewolf yarn is “OMG theres a beast in me oh it is so metaphorical I hate myself for eating people once a month”. Which is what they had on TV. Which is booooooring.

25 06 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

No, but it has a flying vampire gorilla attacking a wizard driving a VW bug on the cover, which makes it awesome.

25 06 2010

I have been eagerly awaiting its release and will be getting it with my birthday money. I was looking into running a Mage: The Ascension game modeled on Dresden’s world, but now I’m waiting til I can get a look at the official RPG.
And the TV series has one redeeming quality. It got me to read the books :P

26 06 2010

I think that’s supposed to be Butters driving.
It’s actually already available in PDF form. I picked it up a month or two ago.
I’m not really familiar with the Fate system, but it’s relatively simple and all the necessary mechanics are in the first book. The second is all NPCs and critters and is ludicrously spoileriffic for everything up to…uh…the book before the book with the skinwalker.
(Those two-word, same-number-of-letters titles have completely destroyed any capacity I had for connecting story to book for anything between Grave Peril and Changes.)

26 06 2010

The Dresden Files feels like the crappy first season you have to get out of the way before it gets good, except it never got a chance to get good[1].
I wonder if it would have turned out better if they had made it into a movie like they first intended[2].
1: It could have also just kept on sucking, but the advantage of might-of-beens is there is no stark reality to contradict you.
2: They were scared off by Constantine, which turned out to be another crappy adaptation, so if they had a half decent product it wouldn’t have been a problem[3].
3: It would have been a problem.

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