sa06 is moving on up to the east side

22 06 2010

O hai, fake blog.

I had the “Wallflowers” chapter as its own livejournal, but free LJ accounts kinda suck. Plus, this lets me expand the story with fake comments from people in the anachronauts universe. AND it lets me post to this blog each time I update the “draft,” so I can properly gather comments.

So, read, enjoy. The three posts haven’t changed but I’ve added fake comments, which are fun (and informative).




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22 06 2010

Love the comments from Gwen, Ariel, and Yavain. Also, fake troll comments are as annoying as real ones. ;p

22 06 2010

And Emily (presumably) and Chloe (maybe? The chick who drops “bloody” and mentions Hamlet. That’s my theory)
2f, you’re far, far too good at the fake troll comments. :D
So how are you keeping track of all your blog commenter personas? I’d have to keep notes myself, for sure!
The comments really add to this, I think. Since the apparent goal of this chapter is to give some Eastusa perspective, having the arguing in the comments section gives that much broader of a view.
I can’t remember the situation with the presidents right now in the story… Hollister’s been shot dead? Who was prez when Elisa went on the zombie mish? I think this is tipping us off to recent events in the story that haven’t been revealed yet, but I am too lazy to check right now.

22 06 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

A lot of this I’m going to leave unexplained — they’re not major mysteries, just world elements, things that we only see part of through our narrow view into things. Like how wallflower138 herself never saw what happened at the attack in the forest, and never learns who or what killed Walter (or even if he’s dead; he’s just missing).
For Hollister, it might get mentioned again, but apparently he was a Bobby Kennedy type figure. Someone who was preaching peace and reforms well before anachronauts started, but was killed by an assassin. HollisterLives is a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist ready to believe anything no matter how nuts — and this being anachronauts, he’s surprisingly accurate. But probably not in this case.

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