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18 06 2010
  • 08:45 anachronauts fans: take a peek at the blog. New chapter! Sort of. Little experiment I started. #
  • 09:15 I dig the follower-trend-tracker. RT: @DoriStehlin: RT @PasteMagazine: 9 Cool Things To Do with Your Twitter Account #
  • 15:30 Official: Kinect won’t work with LPs / dwarfism. No great surprise. We’re being edged out of gaming by motion fads. #



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18 06 2010

Haven’t they learned from the Wii? Most of the newer games for the Wii that I’ve played don’t even utilize the motion controls anymore. Instead, they’ve set it up like a regular controller. Why? Because gamers are lazy and when we’re gaming we don’t want to be waving our arms around like crazy. If I sit down to play Harvest Moon (I’m a serious HARDKORE GAM3RS!!!…not) or a FPS or whatever the motion control is just an unnecessary distraction. It’s why many of the people who I know play the Xbox or Playstation before their Wiis. The Wii may be the most expensive, highest selling doorstop in history.

18 06 2010

Spoken like a person who’s never played anything on the Wii other than Wii Sports. Metroid Prime: Corruption and Mario Galaxy were awesome games precisely because of the controls. The Wii version of Twilight Princess was a great teaser for the Wii version of Zelda, slated for next year.
The real problem with the Wii is that nobody other than Nintendo really seems interested in writing real games for the Wii, instead focusing on silly cheap party games. I’m glad that at least Nintendo isn’t getting dragged into this HD fad; I can’t see any of that junk anyway with my low vision, so it’s great to me that at least there’s one company trying to push the envelope somewhere other than brute force rendering muscle.

19 06 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I won’t bust on the Wii, either. If anything, their presser at E3 this year was almost entirely devoted to pleasing the hardcore with new iterations of their best franchises. Even the new Zelda’s motion controls are what I’d call innovative and exceptional, even if I can’t physically play it.
But the MS junket, that thing was pure and unfiltered casual tripe. A few bones tossed to the SHOOTAN GAEM faction up front and beyond that… not a damn thing but party games and kiddie games and cheesy knockoffs of 3rd party Wii shovelware. And that’s terrible.

19 06 2010

I’ll give you that. No, perhaps I didn’t give the Wii a fair chance. You’re right. The real issue with the Wii are the games. Sure, there have been a few games (like Twilight Princess) that have been good, but mostly it is cheap party games. I hope that changes, of course, but I’m not counting on it.

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