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7 06 2010
  • 00:36 I’m officially a 30 Rock addict. Characters walk the line tween jerkass and moe-moe. It’s bizarre but it works; heartwarming plus insane. #
  • 02:00 Making a deal with myself. Next week Green Day and Split/Second arrive. I play ’em a lot… then lateweek, restart anachronauts writing. #
  • 12:33 Apparently tornadoes are likely today. Maybe I can tank the aggro if I construct a crude facsimile of a trailer park a few miles away. #
  • 19:36 Today I dug Dookie and Insomniac out of dust and mothballs to MP3 up in prep for Green Day Rock Band. (All my plastic CDs are from the 90s.) #



4 responses

7 06 2010

30 Rock is love. The cast is just consistently brilliant, and the writing is nearly always as good.
Have you gotten to the episodes with Salma Hayek yet? She gets some of the best lines in the entire series.

8 06 2010

Hopefully you will soon join the Gospel of Kenneth as I have.

8 06 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m on those episodes right now. Good stuff; seeing Jack while he’s vulnerable is fun.
When I first started and the initial episodes were “Jack the all-controlling vs. creative freedom” I hated him completely; as an artist it’s pure bullying to have someone strip down and wreck a thing you’ve put your heart and soul into.
Fortunately, the writing took him a different direction, and his constant compassion and mentoring (combined with his jerkass nature) as well as romantic failures keep him interesting and likeable.
Edit: One downside is that the show falls into the same trap all romantic comedy on TV does (big bang theory, leverage, fraiser, burn notice). That’s “Makeup and Breakup Syndrome.” Continual short-term romances that always inevitably end in failure and then are followed with more romances or rekindling which ends in failure, etc. Nothing STICKS. You can’t get any attachment to the romance because it’s perpetual blue balls with no long term resolution, until they cancel the series.
I’d like to think I’m avoiding that in my own writing. Couple gets together? Stays together. Story continues. Things EVOLVE.

8 06 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Kenneth is awesome. I like how they elevated him to alpha-cast level; he’s got a lot of depth and play, and is a genuinely likeable person with no jerkass factors. Helps add some fresh air when the other characters are being despicable.

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