Today’s Twitterings

5 06 2010
  • 08:18 Woohoo! Got free release date delivery for Green Day Rock Band. I hope I can get the same for RB3. (I itch in anticipation of E3’s RB3 info) #
  • 12:22 Hmm, why would @HarmonixMusic want followers by E3, and not specifically @RockBand…? Answer: Harmonix / Project Natal Dance Game. #sleuth #
  • 14:23 A tweet about a blog about a dream about blogging. I’ve been post-post-modern since Junior High, represent. #
  • 19:40 It’s the weekend! Time to pop Ninja Assassin into the DVD player and watch Sho Kosugi kill the hell out of a lot of ninja(s). I think. #



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