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1 06 2010
  • 02:18 Good. 3D is being overused. RT: @ebertchicago: Today: Del Toro is off “The Hobbit.” Last week: Del Toro announced he wouldn’t film it in 3D. #
  • 11:50 New Scott Pilgrim trailer. They seem to have upgraded the videogameism graphics since the last one; flows a bit better. #
  • 17:28 Been up until 3am many days in a row, and now I gotta crash by 11pm to commute. Must think sleepy thoughts. Must think sleepy thoughts. #
  • 17:34 I wonder if there’s a demo for Blur. Too late to play the beta. I likes me a good arcadey fun game, but if the controls are hard for me, eh. #
  • 18:54 Tried the Split/Second demo. Other than “Press A for a random Michael Bay explosion” and inability to drift properly, seems pedestrian. #
  • 19:18 Maybe I just don’t ‘get’ racing games. I’ve never been very good at drifting or cornering. I loved Wipeout XL for its aesthetic and kaboom. #



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1 06 2010

Wipeout XL and Ridge Racer 4. Folks at the LAN here in town like to play GRID, which is way too twitchy for me. (Maybe I’m just getting too olllllld.)

1 06 2010

Crash Team Racing. Always and forever, the greatest of console racing games.

1 06 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ve heard great things about it. Since I have one of the older PS3s that still plays PS2 games, maybe I’ll grab a copy of it.

1 06 2010

Who exactly decided to make The Hobbit in 3D?
*starts warming up the Gravity Blast Cannon while awaiting target coordinates*

1 06 2010

It’s like Mario Kart, only good.
It was a PS1 game though, so I have no idea how far the backwards compatibility goes with regards to playability on a PS3.

1 06 2010

I hate racing games. People prefer to watch me play against the computer, because I am so awful that it’s far more entertaining than repeatedly kicking my ass.

1 06 2010

If he’s off the project and didn’t want to film it in 3D, why is that “good” 2f?…
I think we’ll see more randomly 3D movies as theaters desperately try to get us to bother showing up instead of buying the cheaper DVD.

1 06 2010

I’d say that The Hobbit, where seeing the sights as the characters travel is half the attraction, actually has more of a reason to be in 3D than A Guy And A Girl Hook Up At The 110-Minute Mark.

1 06 2010

My understanding is that PS1 compatibility is actually generally more reliable, since it doesn’t rely so much on software emulation. Which is not to say it might not still hork up an error; I know from experience that Final Fantasy Origins will hang every time certain VFX are used on the world map, for instance. One reason my PS2’s still around.

1 06 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It’s good because he stuck to his guns on not making the film gimmicky just to put asses in seats. 3-D is being abused right now… stuff with massively long FOV for fake depth perception, waving waffles in front of the camera (SCTV reference), and other such junk. Focus on STORYTELLING.
Exception: Avatar. It knew how to work its 3-D without abusing it.

1 06 2010

I’d agree about Avatar — with those complex jungle backgrounds, I think in some cases the 3D actually helped you figure out what was going on visually.

1 06 2010

This is true. This also depends on the studio putting the budget into high-quality scenery porn.
If they’re burning extra cash to make it look 3D with the right equipment, I’m thinking that this is money which they are not putting into legitimate high-quality scenery porn. However, if they have enough of a budget to do everything:
– Good actors who can make it look like they’re portraying people (who just happen to include dwarves and hobbits and so forth – Jackson’s LOTR did well on this front) – and get the language right in the process
– A script which captures the essential feel of Tolkien’s novel
– The aforementioned scenery porn
– All of the other visuals they’ll need (need I remind you of Smaug?)
– and the 3D cherry on top of all that
…. then it might be worth it. But if they have to cut any corners, the very first corner they cut had damn well better be the one that pokes out of the screen to put the audience’s collective eye out if the rest of the movie’s not up to scratch. However, if they’re getting everything else done right? Then yeah, 3D could be worth the investment … potentially.
(Sorry if I seem exceptionally harsh on 3D, but while Avatar was indeed gorgeous, the theater I saw it at made the grievous tactical error of making us put the glasses on and then diving through half a dozen trailers that threw my visual cortex hard into error-correction mode. I would have liked Avatar better without the Cheshire Cat looming out of the screen and into my retinas beforehand. Or the piranhas, for that matter.)

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