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17 05 2010
  • 16:52 Second of my new TV show attempts: 30 Rock. Amusing; hopefully they won’t overdo the “Jack is a smarmy asshat” gimmick too much. #
  • 17:33 Picked up a copy of Sleep is Death. I’m not sure I get this. It’s like a two-player GM’d improv roleplaying game? I’m familiar with MU*… #
  • 18:04 Getting marginally better at Pyro in TF2 post-nerf. Still reliant on idiot Soldiers/Demos firing ordinance at me, though; can’t burn much. #



2 responses

17 05 2010

I’ve found that the changes have made the Pyro pretty much equal to a Soldier in a one-on-one scenario, though he’s a lot weaker in all other cases. I’ve had to rely on the shotgun more, and the puff-and-sting (flame/airblast/Axtinguish) is vital. Just don’t get close to Heavies; they’ve become a hard counter to Pyros with their faster spin-up and movement buffs.

17 05 2010

I almost wish I’d been playing more TF2 lately, so I could stop playing Pyro and have that show up on their data… as a tiny, insignificant blip. :(

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