Today’s Twitterings

4 05 2010
  • 07:41 Listening to Bleach for the first time (20 years too late). A MUCH darker, gloomier, and crunchier? album than Nevermind. #
  • 14:02 Why can’t iPhone’s music interface handle on the fly On-The-Go playlist adds? i have to scroll through all my songs sorted A-Z and manual +? #
  • 14:10 Hmmm. If I turned on the 3G and used my iPhone as an XM Radio for the evening commute, would it drain the battery to nothingness? (Me=Geek) #
  • 16:25 XM Radio App Fail. Worked for 15 minutes of driving home, then apparently went into “Buffering…” forever, falling silent. Oh well. #



2 responses

4 05 2010

Dude. You seriously need to start using your car charger for that phone.
But too bad about the radio app!

4 05 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

A full Monday of use only drops it to like 60%. (Listening to the iPod function to and from work, and some at work.) I was only concerned because 3G streaming constantly for a full hour would probably drop it a bunch… but, the thing got stuck, so.

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