Dead Trees

24 04 2010

Thought you’d like to know, I updated the book information page with some details about the upcoming retail release of anachronauts: the first age. If you have any questions, anything I didn’t cover, ask ’em here. (Also curious who’s planning to buy it and in what format.)

Also, we’ve got new fanart posted. I’ve been supremely lazy about getting this up (I got it awhile back) and for that, I apologize. I always welcome more fanart, and remember, however YOU see the characters is correct and proper. Mind’s eye, dude. Mind’s eye.




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24 04 2010

I plan to buy the paperback, as long is its not 100 dollars or something, but you have previously mentioned you have the price under control so I’m not worried. My biggest question would be, what is the ETA for the book? Oh and what will the cover look like?
By the way, I decided to follow your previous suggestion and split my story into multiple parts across my Livejournal until I can figure out exactly what to do on the website front. If by chance you have a little free time, I would love to get your comments on it. Part 1 is here: Like I said if you get a chance, no pressure. Thanks.

24 04 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

If all goes according to plan I’ll launch next week. The cover is Jen’s design, it’s half a Fae tapestry, half an Orbital data pad. You can turn the book upside down and there’ll still be a title at the top, too. It’s kinda awesome.
I don’t have a final dollar amount yet for ANY of these, so these are estimates only. Don’t hold me to them and don’t freak if the finals differ…
The book price will probably be between 10 and 20 bucks. I won’t make a major profit from it but it’s not as bad as I was fearing. The e-Book version will be 8-12 bucks, not sure yet, gotta check what’s a standard price. The donation gift version will be the cheapest once since you don’t get much for it, just bits and bytes.

24 04 2010

You’re very likely planning to do this anyway, but would you please post a reminder when it’s available on Amazon? I’ve got a mind like an anti-elephant and if I don’t buy it right when it comes out, I will completely forget.

24 04 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be announcing it loud and proud here, on Twitter, and in the RSS feed.

25 04 2010

Nice fanart, Lucy! I love her expression. :D

26 04 2010

Thanks! :)

28 04 2010

Do you mind if someone supplies you with commissioned art?

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