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21 04 2010
  • 08:12 Hats off to Telltale Games for finding a way for preorderers to get the TF2 Sam & Max items! Thanks a bunch! #
  • 08:29 Weird incident last night at Fishiversary. I play “I’m On a Boat” for lulz, and 1/3rd of my listeners drop out and some grumble at me. Dang. #
  • 10:39 Marvel vs. Capcom 3. ;_; *manly tears of joy* #
  • 13:54 Bad News: Need to be on the antibiotic another week. Good News: Just bought a high-larious X-Men / shoujo manga crossblend. #
  • 15:29 And this is why I don’t play strategy games. Or most competitive games, for that matter. #
  • 18:27 I’m not sold on the idea of American Idiot as a broadway musical. I actually enjoy Post-Dookie Green Day albums, but this is just… cheesy. #



9 responses

21 04 2010

Forget the comic, the comments section alone is reason enough I would never play in such environments. :)

21 04 2010

It’s not so much “strategy games” as “Starcraft”.

21 04 2010

Actually as far as the Nerf Now comment goes (you need to look at today’s, too)–it’s not so much why not to play strategy games, it’s why not to play them with other so-called *people*. I like the single player game a lot (nothing like the sound of 12 Siege Tanks firing, backed by 12 Battlecruiser Yamato Cannons firing. :-) ), but I wouldn’t touch multiplayer mode with a 10-meter cattle-prod except *maybe* on a LAN with people I know face to face. That’s one of the things that makes me sad about TF2, as well–it looks like a lot of fun but given there’s no real ‘practice’ mode with you and bots, I’m very reluctant to try it. :-/

21 04 2010

TF2 is not set up such that a new player is inevitably and unavoidably raped to death by every opponent of greater “skill” (see: rote memorisation of build orders) in the way Starcraft is.
Public servers are fairly forgiving. Just show up and shoot anyone wearing a different colour. Try not to die. Possibly best to start out as a Heavy or a Soldier, who are fairly uncomplicated gameplaywise though.

21 04 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Agreed. TF2 is the most casual-friendly shootan gaem I’ve ever played. Once you get into unlockable weapons and other combos, there’s depth, but the basics are pretty easy to grasp for anyone who’s ever played a shooter. Plus, there’s very little emphasis on accuracy; the core weapon is a shotgun, for crying out loud. It’s more a game of positioning, approach, luck, and tactics.
I can’t think of too many other competitive games like that. Fighting games like Street Fighter, for all SF4’s efforts at making them casual-friendly again, require rote memorization of combos and crackerjack timing in order to get anywhere at all. Most modern military shooters heavily emphasize accuracy, as a few shots kill easily. PVP-powered RPGs and MMORPGs require incredible investment in the best gear and best builds to even compete, much less win. Etc.
Needless to say, the only games I play with head to head competition these days are TF2, Uno, and Scrabble.

21 04 2010

There’s the map made for practicing vs bots, TR_Walkway.

21 04 2010

“PVP-powered RPGs and MMORPGs require incredible investment in the best gear and best builds to even compete, much less win. Etc.”
There’s Guild Wars!

21 04 2010

Hell, even I like PvP in TF, and that’s saying quite a lot. There’s just enough room for some strategy (especially with classes like Engy or Spy) and plenty for howling zerg Pyro-rush mayhem.

23 04 2010

The other really great thing about TF2 is you can play the style of (first person) game you want to at pretty much any moment. RTS? Eng. CS? Sniper. Quake? Soldier. Etc.

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