Today’s Twitterings

20 04 2010
  • 08:33 Nothing quite like an evening waking up periodically to cough up stomach acid to brighten your morning commute! Ugh. #
  • 08:50 Craaaazy Taxi! About time this came to Live Arcade. Day one freaking purchase for me. #
  • 09:48 SLers, take note. Pet peeve of mine, too; calling mistaking “frame rate drops” for “lag”. #
  • 11:48 Note to self: With the TiVo still dead, I should seriously look into Hulu more. Wonder if it runs in the PS3 browser? #
  • 13:32 Ugh. My evening just got even worse; I’ve gotta shower, eat, prep DJ list, host event, hopefully take a nap (I am drop dead tired)… #
  • 17:59 Energite levels low. Need nap badly. #
  • 23:24 DVDDecrypter, why did you say you would take 9 hours to process this movie last time, but tonight it’s just 20 minutes? Make up your mind. #



One response

20 04 2010

Hulu works fine on a PS3 last I checked (about 9 months ago), for a given value of “fine.” The catch is the site itself is pretty slow and clunky, which could be the fault of the browser, Flash, or possibly my wireless. Also videos never loaded in HD mode, so standard resolution only.
But as I said, that was a while ago, so it may have improved.

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