A Pig In A Cage On Antibiotics

13 04 2010

(Before you go “…?!” at the title, no, I am not maudlin or depressed or delerious. It’s a song reference.)

So, yeah.

If you’ve been following my twitter or at least not skipping past any “Today’s Twitters” posts, you’re aware I’ve been gobsmacked by a virus. This came hot on the heels of recovering from foot surgery which, ironically, stopped being a real issue for me the day my body decided to obtain a case of an infection in a Very Personal Place. (I won’t entertain / horrify you with more precise details, except to say it’s not an STI, on logical account of being a sexless bore.)

The scary thing was all the things it COULD have been. Appendicitis? Time to put me under and slice me open! Always a fun prospect, especially when I don’t intubate for surgery like you Normal People do; the process to get me under without killing me is a bit more involved than that. Or perhaps it was [unspecified TMI horror]? Again, that would’ve required surgery and [unspecified TMI horror accompanied by a scare chord on the soundtrack].

Fortunately, in the end, it was just a simple infection. Some random chance thing. It can be murdered by antibiotics, which I am taking, along with Motrin three times a day to soothe down aches, pains, and the raging fever which had me damn near delirious yesterday. As of this writing I feel only 31% grotesque, thanks to the various medications keeping the grotesques suppressed. They’re still THERE, but lightly swept under the rug of biology, where someone stands on the spot whistling and hopes the visitors don’t notice.

Generally, any interaction of me + hospital is something to be feared. I’m guessing one day I’m going to die in a hospital; it’s just simple fact, given my various disabilities and my semi-poor lifestyle health and the fact that any time I get behind the wheel of a car, my chance of fatality ratchets up 4x compared to most people. But to be frank, I’d rather that inevitability be later than sooner. So, it was a great relief when they sent me home with a medical cocktail recipe and a wave goodbye rather than anything more involved… even if I’m going to have to endure a few days of sicko until this runs its course.




6 responses

14 04 2010

Technically antibiotics won’t murder a virus. But they will stop bacteria from taking advantage of the terrain the virus is mauling. Plus you never know, they could be wrong about it being a virus in particular. So the antibiotics can’t hurt.
You’re in good (??) company on the “die in a hospital” front, you know — that’s normal for Americans. Arguably the lucky ones are the ones who have the _opportunity_ to die in a hospital, really.
But that’s morbid enough! I hope you start feeling better pronto, for your own sake.

14 04 2010

“I want to go peacefully in my sleep, like my _____ – not screaming in terror like his passengers.”
Seconding the sympathy and well-wishes.

14 04 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

On the whole, I’d rather die by shark in an exploding building after saving orphans from a squadron of mind control death apes from Dimension G.

14 04 2010

While I intend to apotheose without the messiness of death at all!

14 04 2010

Best wishes and I hope you feel better as well!

14 04 2010

Here’s hoping that infection gets knocked down, rolled flat, and crushed into submission before the rest of this week is out.
FS05 continues to look damn good, although I spotted a few typos in the new scene (probably understandable given your condition). I’ll go through again later and snipe them if you’d like.

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