Today’s Twitterings

9 04 2010
  • 09:50 Spectacular pixel art powered mixed media animation. #
  • 13:44 Back to one shoe, one sock. Foot ended up bruised and wound leaked when I put on my shoe yesterday. Again: This sucks. #
  • 13:58 Upgraded iTunes. “Please Wait, Updating Library” means “Rejiggering the library format and DRM to thwart hackers.” …aaand now it crashed. #
  • 14:53 Metarecommendation time! Someone recommend me a site that recommends / reviews iPhone apps. Too many damn apps out there, gotta filter. #
  • 16:07 Got a dongle thingy that turns my iPhone into a universal IR remote. Sick of juggling remotes for TiVo, reciever, tv, etc. #
  • 22:01 Don’t think I’m in the mood to write tonight. Likely for a few days. Sitting at the PC I’m perched a bit awkwardly with one shoe. Ahwell. #
  • 23:46 Spent 20 minutes shoving @KeikoTakamura down the stairs on my phone. #



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