fs05 requests you return your seats to a full upright and locked position

31 03 2010

Remember, contents of the overhead bins may shift during transit.

Yep, it’s new anachronauts, after tons of PAX twitters that were no doubt completely enthralling and not at all inane and spammy and annoying. You’re welcome.

This chapter has actually been outlined ever since fs03, when I sat down and tried to figure out precisely how things would be ending. I already knew some of it, specific character arcs. What I didn’t have figured out is “So how do we actually defeat the Big Bads of this arc?” which is, as we know, kind of important. You may rest easily; these vital questions have been addressed. You will know more in time.

The intro ended up a bit sillier than I was intending, but I think the tension will ratchet up over time, so that’s fine. No need to slam people over the head with DRAMA~! right out of the gate. Enjoy. Feedback welcome. Oh, and here’s today’s twitterings.

  • 00:36 I should know better than to feed the trolls, but Venture on the COH forums is all those ‘bitter and sarcastic’ reality show hosts combined. #
  • 15:14 Forum Fun: “There was a time when I thought censorship is wrong and that all should be allowed free expression. Then I heard Nickelback.” #
  • 16:17 72 degrees outside. It’s about time we started heading into Spring. #
  • 17:49 Nothing is more tedious than a Trek episode where the audience gets the point in 3 minutes but the characters take 45. #
  • 17:55 Lazy evening, watching DS9. Odo FTW. twitpic.com/1c9f80 #
  • 20:23 Alright. Let’s see if I can bang out some paragraphs for a06 tonight. The book still needs a cover and Jen’s busy, so I’ll work live script. #
  • 21:30 Won’t be doing an april fool’s gag this year. Not that I’m opposed, I just have no ideas. So this fs05 update is legit. bit.ly/ccKlRb #
  • 22:53 TF2 time before bed. Working on my Sniper skills; I will pee on you and put an arrow in your head. (This makes sense in game, honest.) #



5 responses

1 04 2010

Can he see Russia from his house?

1 04 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

No, but Yog-Sothoth can, what with the whole ‘only intersects our plane of existence at a specific point yet is omniscient’ thing. I think that’s a good trait in a candidate, really. Keeps them on top of the issues.

2 04 2010

Was just thinking…
That every TF2 fan should see this, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjGrHBpfqCo) even if it’s just to know we should all petition Valve to hire the guy who did it.

2 04 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: Was just thinking…
… .. …. WOW.
Thanks for the link!

2 04 2010

*Snerk* Oh god. Lovecraft. Written by you. I am prepare to be alternately and simultaneously horrified and amused. This should be interesting. Meanwhile we have our villains including who I presume will play the part of wild card in tonight’s performance, Benny. At least I hope he will, as I said previously his character really struck a cord with me so I hope he will be sticking around and not meeting some ignoble end.
Not a lot to go on here, but a excellent start. That last line is especially good. Both funny and a signal that this version of Innsmouth might be a tad bit different that what we might be expecting.
Of course now I am incredibly desperate and anxious for more, because something this short just comes across as a cruel tease meant to torture and drive us to madness. Which appears to be appropriate. :)

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