Taking Stock

22 03 2010

Let’s see where I’m at right now. Because things have been so blurry lately that I’m losing track, myself.

PAX: Comin’ up. Andy’s handling the logistics of packing, which is good, because we have to lug around the goddamn Orthopedic Road Show, as always. This is one of my major complaints about my disability, my complete inability to say “Hay let’s go somewheres” and BAM, we are gone. Nooo, I need to bring along bulky mobility boosting equipment, my own seating because I cannot use your human chairs, be concerned about how the hell I’m gonna maintain basic hygiene, etc, etc. I am basically immobile. …I think I’m getting off track.

PAX (SERIOUSLY): Comin’ up. Greatly looking forward to. Desperately needing, in fact. Several panels I’m keen on going to, wanna cruise the exhibition floor, hoping my paralyzing fear of playing games against other people doesn’t keep me from playing games, etc. (Seriously. Otakon’s video game room basically consists of “Stand in line for 15 minutes, play for 15 seconds in some fighting game / shooter / racer during which you are brutally and mercilessly destroyed, repeat.” That’s not really fun and I’m hoping PAX is not the same thing, only on a larger scale.)

Jen’s working on a costume for me, because why the hell not, but what seemed like a simple and easily assembled affair (the Engineer from Team Fortress 2) has turned into a ton of work and a bizarre amalgam costume in which one-piece overalls have been made two-piece so that I may actually pee despite my disability and inability to manipulate overalls. In the end, it’ll look good, but we’ll see if I even go a full day in this getup due to physical inconvenience.

ANACHRONAUTS: The book is assembled. The bonus chapter, a00, is written and has been given an editing pass by two of my top reviewers. ISBN numbers are ordered; I got a block of them so I can do more books in the future, should I choose to. Also, I think I’ve gotten the price to something reasonable… I’ve seen self-pubbed books in the $30-$40 range, which is both madness AND sparta. This one should be in the $10-$20 range, if I play my cards right. Very affordable. Stay tuned for details.

SECOND LIFE: Fishing continues to be massively profitable and more than slightly annoying due to combinations of chat drama, support needs, and Linden Labs screwing up one of the most basic pillars of online communities (event scheduling). We’ll be having Fishiversary 2-3 weeks after PAX, and hopefully it will not destroy us.

WORK: Insane right now. Lotta things converging on April 1st, and that’s with PAX taking a few work days away from me. In fact, gonna get back to that now. Bye.




One response

22 03 2010

Taking Stock
I’m enjoying the costuming, FWIW. Even if it ends up largely unused that’s okay –there was only one way to find out!
So please don’t feel like you have to wear it any longer than you feel like it out of some sense of obligation just because it took some effort…
What I mean is I know how tedious it can be to wear a costume…. And frankly this is a really quick and easy costume compared to most. :)

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