Today’s Twitterings

20 03 2010
  • 13:58 Tetris DS went out of print. I lost my copy ages ago; I found a replacement on eBay for a reasonable price, but it won’t arrive for PAX. :( #
  • 21:05 I’ve got 264 hours logged in Team Fortress 2, and I haven’t earned a single damn hat other than the event hats. Now they added MORE? Yay. :P #
  • 21:09 We hit the same problem in 7Seas; the more SuperUltraRare items you add, the less likely you catch the one you want without some targeting. #
  • 23:04 Working on a00, the bonus chapter for the upcoming anachronauts book. It’s fun writing in a totally different world context than usual. #



One response

23 03 2010

Damn, in 260 hours you should have 2 on average.
One bit of good news is that Camera Beards and Surgical Masks drop at the same rate as weapons, and you can now craft 2 of either into a hat. So it’s a bit easier now.
HEY, I just thought: You’re a damn good coder. Have you considered submitting any community items for TF2?

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