fs04 is the duke of vancouver. a-number-1. the big man.

9 03 2010

He’s not exactly Lawrence Fishburne.

Two more scenes. These basically complete the ‘Jesse’ portion which introduces What’s Really Going On, which I wish I had written in the last update. It’s a bit expositiony, but it has to be done.

This chapter’s a little dodgy and may be a bit short, but I hope by the time it’s done, it’ll all hang together. At the very least it’ll provide some fun character moments.


  • 13:30 Fight government corruption, help youth charities, and XBAWKS. A winning combination. bit.ly/bG2jIX #
  • 15:10 Rock Band 3! It’s probably too soon, but I really hope they bring it to #PAX East to show off. (It’s not clear what exactly is “innovative”) #
  • 21:05 It’s been over a week. I gotta get back to anachronauts writing, but the latest chapter’s still a little sloppy. We’ll see what can be done. #
  • 22:56 Okay, got two new scenes for fs04 up. It’s not much, but it’s a start, and it sets the table for us. bit.ly/bCGP9L #
  • 23:49 Is it seriously this hard to find a dirt-simple, no-install command line CD-to-WAV ripper? I don’t want fancy shareware, just a ripper. #
  • 00:00 Nevermind, I found a good simple ZIPped up open source ripper. No muss, no fuss. #



3 responses

10 03 2010

"rogue" — should be… no actually it’s right. ;)
Jesse is always fun.
Hee hee, I dig the "no rescue" speech. She just lays it all out
there, doesn’t she.
"sheathe" — sheath. The "e" version is the verb.

10 03 2010

– “even if she wasn’t once hundred percent” – should be “one hundred percent”; someone may have caught that previously.
– Heh, Jesse pulls an awesome coup when she needs to. Which she did here.
– I think “sheath” as a noun is spelled differently from “sheathe” as a verb.
Continuing to look good, and I’m looking forward as always to seeing more!

10 03 2010

Jesse is the Pan.

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