City of Spreadsheets

12 02 2010

This is what I did today.

City of Heroes is my MMORPG drug of choice. It’s set in modern day (no freaking elves vs. orcs), has a wide variety of different types of roles you can play, includes plenty of weapon-based sets, has a fantastic character costume designer, and is generally loads of fun.

Problem is, there’s so much character tweaking you can do that alt-itis is pretty extreme. I’ve got an obsessive need for balance in my roster… a good amount of heroes, villains, and with the upcoming expansion that lets you cross one way and another, vigilantes and rogues.

Also, I tend to try out various powers and end up disliking them (they feel too disconnected or ‘soft’, lack the right impact or visual aesthetic). Add on top of that my usual paranoia about “gimp builds,” making a character that’s more a mewling kitten than a hardened M-1 Abrahms tank, and wasting time flailing around in uselessness with no hope but a reroll… well. It’s a huge pile of crazy, in short.

The link above is the only way I can keep my head around it all. So, today, I was doing a lot of fine tuning of not only numbers / builds / tactics, but also character concepts / backgrounds / costumes. I believe I’ve got everything sorted out now. Believe me, I wouldn’t be able to sleep right if I’d left this ticking away in the back of my mind; it’s for the best I went nuts on this and got it done. Now, I sleep.

Today’s Tweets:

  • 00:27 Whaaa? A new Gorillaz album in March, and it flew completely under my radar? This must be amended. To Wikipedia! #
  • 12:14 Beat Mass Effect 2 last night. Never hit a skill wall, so Casual was well balanced. Great story. Hope there’s downloadable missions to come. #
  • 12:53 RT: @LoopyChew: RT @TinyHeroes: Rock Band + Zombies + @Feliciaday + @actuallyNPH = my brain just exploded: #



2 responses

12 02 2010

Cool spreadsheet. Could you maybe explain some of the things you have in the notes sections for each?
I have the sort of the same problem when it comes to new alts. With all the new IO sets etc. I get overwhelmed with the choices and just end up logging in on my fully fleshed out 50 and play him.

13 02 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Push to X — If there’s a level which gives me a specific shiny new toy, I note it to myself. Gives me a reachable goal. If someone just needs to be pushed in general, with a lot of levels and slots ahead of them, so noted.
ENDGAME — Castle’s talked up the new ‘endgame’ content coming after Going Rogue, which promises all sorts of things to do to continue to develop your level 50 characters. So, I want to have some 50’s parked and ready. I only have two, as you can see, but a few on the way.
Going Rogue — Characters I plan to either create or start using more once the expansion hits, which lets us change sides, or start in an entirely new area (Praetoria). For full effect I need to take both ‘branches’ from Praetoria, the police force (evil) or the resistance movement (good).

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