fs03 knows how to serve man

9 02 2010

It’s time for mystery dinner theatre.

Some major new scenes for fs03. I can’t wait to see the reaction to these, so I’ll leave it at that.

Hopefully tomorrow’s Snowmageddon II: Electric Boogaloo won’t knock me offline again — but in case it does I wanted to get some draft writing work done tonight. Mission accomplished. Enjoy.

Today’s Twitteratings:

  • 02:35 Forgot to tweet this earlier; fs03 draft updated, three new scenes. Now, off to much needed sleep. #
  • 15:36 Holy crap. Round two, anyone? RT: @MontgomeryCoMD: NWS: WINTER STORM WARNING in effect until Wed. 10-20″ expected. Onset around Tues noon. #
  • 15:52 Why is “consolized” a dirty word? Streamlining games for more FUN and less clutter / micromanagement / busywork / fiddling about is GOOD. #
  • 19:35 “Today, the Alliance Fifth Fleet grants the Silver Star to the greatest force for justice in the universe; the Chest High Row of Crates.” #



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9 02 2010

I’d call this Snowmageddon III: The Search for Asphalt, considering the huge
storm in December…
I’ll make comments as I read here. For those who haven’t read the story yet,

You know, I’m surprised Jeeves wasn’t with Gilbert in the previous scene.
But somebody had to guard the Mermaid.
"moving in and around the table" — I guess technically they could
be IN the table…
"was there to keep Una from burning down the kitchen." — XD
"Gilbert called her out on; and the resulting look" — this is
nitpicky, but how about this: "Gilbert observed, to call her out; and
her resulting look"
"…you could simply say she’s good at cooking fish," Jesse pointed
out. — ZOMG, somebody finally pointed out Una’s Una-isms! Heheheh.
"the Mayor and Una as the chatted." — they
"weaker willed lackey" — "weaker-willed lackey" since
w-w is serving as a compound adjective.
"a rainstorm." — huh, so the dome lets sunlight in but not rain?
How were the trees in L.A. staying alive? … oh right, they were all locked
in time. Nevermind. But what about any life in the other domes?
"pasttime" — Make that pastime, no double letters. And wow, this
playback scene must’ve been tough to write, structurally. I think the way
you presented it with the indents/italics works very well, though.

Great scenes. :) This story is coming out very well I think. Plenty of tension.
And the excitement of the first half was more in the style of Jurassic Park
— ""Oooh! Ahhh! That’s how it always starts. Then comes the running
and the screaming…"

9 02 2010

“Oh, I’m used to eating leftovers, must to Jeeve’s disappointment….” – Should be “much to Jeeve’s disappointment,” and I think – given that the robobutler’s name is Jeeves, that “Jeeves’s” is the correct abbreviation/possessive form.
And “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shi–” at how the chapter currently ends. O.O
I’ll do a proper typo-sifting re-read at some point.

9 02 2010

I knew we were in trouble from the word “flounder”.

9 02 2010

Have we had a domed city with legitimate plant life yet? So far it’s been the frozen in time plants in LA and the Seattle trees which are part of the larger nanoculture.
I kind of expected what happened in the last scene, but I wasn’t sure who the *who* would be until the dinner scene, as soon as that certain person was called to go “off camera” I knew. It was just a matter of how log before it was found out.

9 02 2010

With regards to the Consolized thing, it’s mostly to do with the fact that console control schemes and UI are really, really are not suited to PCs.
Look at Jade Empire. Good game sure, but it’s so blatantly set up with the intent of playing it on a controller that attempting to play using a keyboard and mouse is awkward and uncomfortable. KoTOR also suffered from this a bit, although not nearly so much.
Oblivion’s standard UI was atrocious for a PC game. We have mice and keyboards, and can view games in something higher than 640×480 (Yes, yes, HDTV. But console games have to be designed so that they’re playable on the console’s minimum spec. Which is standard PAL/NTSC. Which can barely manage VGA, nevermind SVGA+). This, frankly, fucked the entire UI up, and make the game less playable as a result. There are, at least, UI mods out there which make it less pants-on-head retarded, but not all games are as mod friendly as Oblivion.
The “consolized” thing really doesn’t have much to do with the actual gameplay. Or anything, really. Plants vs Zombies is an uncluttered, micro-low, little-fiddling-about game. But it’s not a console game, and it’s not “consolized”. Plus, y’know, I like clutter and fiddling around. Dwarf Fortress is great. It would never, ever work as a console game though. And stripping stuff out of it just so it could be would be a travesty.

9 02 2010

After a little more thought, basically, I think, it comes down to the fact that the “less clutter / micromanagement / busywork / fiddling about” thing isn’t optional when making a game console friendly. It’s mandatory.
Which, whatever your own opinions may be on the subject, in many cases make a game a worse game. It places too many constraints on the design.

9 02 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I would agree with UI issues being prevalent in a console port, but what I’m referring to is a complaint threat in the Bioshock 2 forums saying “System Shock 2 was better, this is too consolized, next thing you know they’ll have unified ammo, etc.”
Here, it’s about simplifying and streamlining — jettisoning some of the micromanagement baggage in favor of a smoother and simpler presentation that focuses on the core interactivity. PC gamer elitists apparently hate that.
To quote Mass Effect’s used game dealer (who is a great source of vieled pokes at the industry):
These days it’s all “big choices” and “visceral combat”.
“I miss those old games where you had to remember to drink water, and it took five hours to fly somewhere.”

9 02 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The domes precluding water will not be a problem for the last two domes. I won’t say why, yet.

9 02 2010

He had to be my favorite part of the ME2 version of the Citadel. =)

9 02 2010

*Fairly vague spoilering incoming*
Actually, thinking about it, I’m interested to know if the expected thing that happened to who it happened to happened to them because they were a convenient target and a weapon can’t help being what it is, or if their more interested in her specifically because of her originality (demonstrated by her glamours earlier), to build them new archetypes to incorporate.
Oh, well, I suppose we’ll find out soon enough. Just rambling random thoughts to the audient void.

9 02 2010

UI informs gameplay.
If you only have a D-pad/analog stick and ten buttons, you can do a lot less with a game than you can if you have a mouse and a 102 key keyboard.
And the danger of streamlining too far is that you’re left with what amounts to a fairly uninteresting experience. System Shock 2 was great, in part because you couldn’t just grab everything you saw just in case it would be useful somewhere down the line. You had limited ammo, you had limited ability to carry an entire armoury around with you, you could not just charge in, shoot things, and expect to live. You were required to think about what you needed to take with you, and how you would approach a situation, and make choices based on such.
And because of this, it actually got you feeling like you were in a survival horror game. There was a sense of franticly attempting to stay alive in an unbelievably hostile environment, where everything you met would attempt to kill you.
BioShock had instant respawn chambers every hundred yards. And once I worked this out, any sense of threat or menace the game may have been accumulating disappeared. BioShock was certainly a better shooter than System Shock 2. But it was a worse game. I’m not usually one of these “games as art” people, but if you are attempting to create something more than just a stimulus>response>reward engine, you need to do more than just “core interactivity” i.e. shooting anything that moves.

9 02 2010


10 02 2010

I’m afraid I saw that one coming. Not how it was revealed, but who it would be and what was happening. Not really sure how you’d hide it, though. Or why it didn’t happen to Gilbert.

10 02 2010

I must have a poor attention to detail because I didn’t see this coming at all.

12 02 2010

It’d be harder for them to fake Gilbert if they don’t know how to operate the airship. Even if they’re a weapon, I don’t think operating steampunk airships is in their programming, and they can’t copy memories.

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