Today’s Twitterings

6 02 2010
  • 09:39 Woot! Feddies are getting out 4 hours early. For the best; we’re about to be hammered by a blizzard. Still, some work to do before bailing. #
  • 11:04 And Rock Band Network just loses 67 cool points. “Bodies” by Drowning Pool just showed up. Overplayed advert sellout kiddie nu-metal ahoy! #
  • 11:32 *looks out window at snowflakes* <shangtsung>IT HAS BEGUN</shangtsung> #
  • 13:25 With exports and DLC and on-disc songs, I have 479 tracks for Rock Band. That’s craziness. (And very hard to browse through in a party.) #
  • 17:36 You know, an Oliver Twist game (kiddie Assassin’s Creed with parkour and such) would’ve been really interesting. #
  • 19:03 Terrific. Power’s already starting to flicker and we’re just in the first evening of this mess. There go game plans for the night. #dcsnow #



One response

6 02 2010

I wish I could get snow where I lived. We haven’t had snow in years except for a few flakes here and there that don’t even stick.
The thunderstorms are real good about making our power flicker.

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