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31 01 2010
  • 19:39 Fish breeding is now available for 7Seas in Second Life! Man, that took awhile, but the results are worth it. Might see a profit spike. #
  • 20:51 Paragon points maxed! …now I can be a jerk and earn some renegade points. On a case by case basis, not just random jerking around. #



5 responses

31 01 2010

You know, given some of the areas/personalities I hear stories of on SL…that first one definitely has multiple potential meanings. ;-)

31 01 2010

“Brock’s one ambition is to be the best Pokemon breeder ever!”

31 01 2010

*grin* And even without straying out of canon–there’s the way Ash’ mom seems to reaaally like having Mr. Mime around.. ;-)

1 02 2010
1 02 2010

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