sa05 hits rock bottom

21 01 2010

Things aren’t going well for our heroes today.

FINALLY got some new scenes out. Things just got pretty dark and horrible, so it’s time to apply Ye Adult Contente Disclaimere to the story, too.

I apologize for ending where I did. One more writing session should finish off the story — then it’s back to the Forsaken Shores.

For purposes of conserving LJ posts, here’s Today’s Twitters, too.

  • 18:28 After two decades of packratting, my 300gb hard drive is nearly full. Gotta relocate some stuff if I wanna install Bioshock 2, etc. #
  • 18:50 Good. 80 gigs free, thanks to moving my comic books to E: and cold storing my music lab on a removable HD. (I rarely do music production.) #
  • 19:11 Need to make my inner fanboy resist Star Trek Online. I have enough ongoing gaming demands on my time. …should resist Old Republic, too. #



14 responses

21 01 2010

I feel your pain regarding shiny new games that call to the fanboy.

21 01 2010

Whoo! More sa05!

21 01 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I preordered Bioshock 2 tonight. Nicely discounted on Steam, plus a no-key-disk-check install of Bioshock 1 as a bonus. Still, that’s not as burdensome a shiny new game as a freaking MMORPG.

21 01 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Almost there. Debating where I want to cut off the story; I’m in the middle of the third new scene. EDIT: Okay, all done! Enjoy.

21 01 2010

I’m enjoying it all right.
You write amazing action scenes. I’m really caught up in them.
I think the saddest thing about this whole situation is how pointless it is. I mean, they went in for survivors and are coming out with nothing. Yet people are dying left and right…I need a tissue.
This chapter is creepy. I forgot you were even capable of this. And I’m reading it late at night.

21 01 2010

One very prominent typo:
“… they count ‘hunt’ for days …” Should be “could,” not “count”.
Other than that …. yeeeeeeepomgyikes. @.@;; CREEPY. I approve.
As to the twittering:
Everything I’ve heard about Star Trek Online from people playing the beta inspires a massive yawn of not-caring. Most of what I hear is that they focus too much on combat to live up to what I liked best about Star Trek – I actually gave up on DS9 and Voyager when they devolved into “threat of the week” plots and settled for fighting rather than discussion or investigation as the tool to resolve each episode’s conflict. No amount of shiny or cool makes up for that in my book.
(Having Borg – even disoriented, disconnected Borg drones – as newbie fodder doesn’t much help, although from what I hear there’s some halfway plausible justification …)
Can’t say anything about TOR.

21 01 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

To be fair, it’s extremely difficult to make an MMORPG without having a heavy focus on combat. The only other thing you could really focus on is mining and commerce, and that’s also not really very Trek.
To make a game entirely about investigation, negotiation, and unveiling mysteries, you’d need a *LOT* of writing. Writing and writing and writing. An MMORPG is much larger in scope than a single player game, so that much writing is… almost unfeasible.
I say almost because it’s looking like Bioware’s done it with the Old Republic MMORPG. Yeah, it’s combat heavy too, but it’s also got voice acted missions with ethical decision making and branching paths as well, complete with a character arc for each of the game’s classes. If anybody can swing that idea and make it work, it’s Bioware.

21 01 2010

MMO without combat = Second Life.
Most of which is as perfect an example of Sturgeon’s Law as one might ask for.

21 01 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Not exactly. MMO without combat = A Tale In The Desert.
MMO still means “game” which means organized and designed objectives which must be accomplished by some means of skill (even if the skill or the objective is trivial). Second Life has no specific objectives, no organized or designed goals. It just IS and expects you to make of it what you will, or to find some objectives placed there by people who made of it what they will.
I won’t argue with Sturgeon’s Law, however. Still, 90% of all things being crap, same applies to players on MMOs… and to MMOs themselves (9/10 being bleh or meh or outright blargh).

21 01 2010

Not sure if you’ve seen it already but check out this article by the newly promoted to Lead Designer Melissa Bianco.
In talking about the AE, she specifically mentions your “Do-It-Yourself Laser Moonbase Project” arc as one to try.

21 01 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Wow. Fail to read DevDigest for one day and the entire Paragon team shuffles up on ya…
Laser Moonbase was a fun arc to write, the first idea that came to my mind when AE was announced. My other arcs are fun too, but I think the “DIY / Minions Local 412” aspect is what makes it work.
I’m thinking of doing more arcs like that, but waiting to see what resources Going Rogue adds first — my slots are basically full and I want to make the most of them.

21 01 2010

STO does have some non-combat missions but they’re mostly just combat missions that have glowies, minus the combat. Pretty empty looking and feeling.
STO needs Paragon’s mission writers badly, it’s early CoH missions all over again. At least we have cell phones for all contacts from the start this time.

22 01 2010

Part of me is going “EwwwwNONONOohshi-” and another part is going, “@__@, I guessed right???”
And yet another part is going, “Dammit, I think I know who “Dr. Ruiz” is.”

22 01 2010

Aww. ;_; That was sad, but good, and now I can see why Dr. Ruiz wanted Scout. Also, the sharks are intriguing.

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