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14 01 2010

There’s a zombie on your lawn.

These scenes flowed a lot easier, but now I’m out of outline. That ain’t good. I’ll need to write more up before I can continue. I have some details locked in, but not all of them, including the ultimate finale.

So, let’s throw this open to the floor. Not in a voting sense, just for curiosity’s sake… what character(s) do you think will survive the zombie apocalypse, and why?

Oh, and feedback welcome, of course.




14 responses

14 01 2010

“Do you really think any of us are gonna get through this?”
“… Well, I might.”

14 01 2010

Well, the two most obvious writeoffs (Grizzled, elderly veteran who knows the score, goes out with style, and the brilliant but naive “this has a scientific explanation” geek) are already down. What we have left is a Winterhound – created and trained to be the ultimate predators in quite possibly the most violently darwinistic society in existence – who is armed with a weapon that’ll let her rip out the side of an armored vehicle in seconds if she needs to, Scout (Who was badass before he became a Winterhound and has only gotten better since)… And a Badass Normal FBI agent.
… Sorry, Daelyn.

14 01 2010

You mean what sort of characters are they likely to encounter in the hospital rather than which of them will survive, right?

14 01 2010

This was a harrowing chapter. The description of Alagos’s death was terrifying. I liked it, though. It was a really good play on the zombie genre. Daelyn is awesome. I was curious about female winterhounds. Now I know, I guess.
I vote that Agent Morales will die. It’d be sad to see any of them go, but she just seems the most likely canidate to me.

14 01 2010

Wait a second. I just realized that you might use this poll against us. We say which one we think is going to survive, and then you do the exact opposite.

14 01 2010

A note: If he’s apologizing for not using English, does that mean he’s speaking in somewhat broken Spanish?

14 01 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ll say right now I already have the rest of the plot firmly in mind. The nuts and bolts need fiddling but I know who survives.

14 01 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

He meant he apologized for not using English before, when they were talking over the PA system. I’ll edit the line to be a bit more clear.

14 01 2010

On the other hand…
File: brains
Addendum: braaaaaiiiiinns

14 01 2010
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I mean, of the following main characters remaining alive in the story, which ones will be alive by the end: Scout, Daelyn, and Elisa?
We’re kinda out of the hospital after this point and off to other locales.

14 01 2010

Actually, I think Daelyn dies. Agent Morales is too much fun, and Emily needs Scout. Besides, part of Scout’s already dead, yes?
And an on-going character who never wore pants would be difficult.
Or maybe all of them live, and you’re just teasing us.
About Aglanos — presumably, his death would become “known” to any other waterfae fairly soon, since it happened in water.

14 01 2010

More detailed analysis than you probably wanted!
In order of *most* likely to live:
1) Scout
Pros: Definitely a survivor. Lived through a good deal of Fae war as a human, years as a Winterhound, and now has the power of Summer and Winter backing him up. Plus, the zombies carried him off, so someone wants him for something, even if it’s to be used as leverage against Emily (and yeah, that’ll go real well).
Cons: It’d be one hell of a plot twist, and could push Emily closer to that whole world ending in fire and ice scenario.
2) Agent Morales
Pros: Smart, keeps her head in a crisis, and knows The Rules of Zombies.
Cons: “Only” human, and how long is her ammo going to hold out? However, I give her higher odds of surviving, because…
3) Daelyn
Pros: Hunting is her purpose for existing, and she wants to prove that yeah, she can do this protecting thing.
Cons: She seems the type to go down in a blaze of glory against impossible odds, taking down as many zombies as she can. So when the time comes to make their escape, possibly involving Elisa running out of ammo, Daelyn’s probably going to be the one holding the zombie hordes off.
4) Doctor Ruiz
Pros: He’s either controlling the zombie hordes or working with someone who is.
Cons: Like the team will let him survive once they find out what’s really going on.

15 01 2010

Scout’s immortal and doesn’t get sick, so unless the zombies nom him completely I doubt he will die.
Wait, wouldn’t that mean that any lion of summer would be immune to zombification?
Anyway, Daelyn might survive what with being as immortal as scout, though I dunno about the zombification. And the meatsack is probably hosed, unless she’s fought Umbrella Corporation before.

15 01 2010

Also, I cannot believe I didn’t think at any point reading this story “it’s a trick, get an axe.” :(

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