sa04 is pumping out some “jock jams”

24 12 2009

It’s not exactly the ‘beautiful game’, per se.

This scene kind of ran away from me, by the end of it. I wasn’t expecting to cut it off where I did, but that’s fine; this actually serves the story better, since Melvin’s turning out to be a lot more of an insistent and angry young lad than I was originally planning in my outline. I listen to my characters and write them how they want to be written; my plans can be changed to better suit what they develop into. It’ll all work out in the end.

Feedback welcome. I think my auto-twitter-summary thing fires off in an hour, which may nudge this post down, but hey.




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24 12 2009

Ooh, interesting scene. Great way to get Melvin fired up, so to speak, too.
RE: twitter nudging this post down, I’d assume most people read your posts in Friends view, in which case it doesn’t matter. Or they come straight to your LJ, in which case they’ll just scroll down, in which case it doesn’t matter.

24 12 2009

Very interesting indeed. It’s good to get a view of the “inside” of the witching academy; I was wondering whether Melvin was somebody we’d seen before or not, but it looks like we’ll be getting his backstory – if there’s more of it to get – further down the line.

24 12 2009

Witchball. Such a cute name.
Your dialouge has a very particular ring to it. I know that sounds strange, but I can almost pick out a story you wrote just by how the characters talk. This chapter just seems to bring that out.
That’s totally not a bad thing, either. It’s an awesome thing.

24 12 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

As long as nobody mistakes it for Pratchett or Adams, I’m good with that. My earliest writing was severely aping their style in terms of dialogue — I think I’ve developed since then, even if the influence remains.

24 12 2009

Someone’s going to have to explain the chips on the Summer statue. And I like Melvin.

25 12 2009

From an avid reader of both Pratchett and Adams, I can say you’re dialouge definitely has developed into a flavor all its own.

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