The Microbloggeration Postulation

23 12 2009

I’m considering setting up one of those thingamagoobers that ‘daily digests’ up my Twitter posts into my LJ.

Used to be I’d LJ once or twice a day with my thoughts, feelings, project updates, reviews of things, wacky links, etc. Nowadays I’ve spread my focus across both equally, and to different purposes. For long running rants or observations, and for project feedback, it’s LJ. For spur of the moment thoughts and wacky links, it’s Twiter.

I try to make sure both get Quality Content(tm) which is amusing, entertaining, or at least weird enough to justify reading — no “I’m taking a poo!” messages. (Unless it’s really exceptional poo. Or there’s so much of it that it defies description. Or it’s such an embodiment of biological horror that it makes you question the existence of a loving God. Y’know, like two weeks ago.) So, presumably my twitterings will be of the Interesting flavor rather than the Annoying flavor.

Sooo. Anybody know how I can set that up?

As for my life, today I’m back at the office and still banging away on the ‘ol inbox backlog. This is the problem with vacations — they rest me up and give me time to enjoy myself, but when I get back, whoa nelly. Job security in the form of being the only person capable of wrangling this role has its drawbacks.




4 responses

23 12 2009

I think it’s a good idea; you have links to share and jokes ot make, and the LJ people who aren’t eyeballing your twitter miss them. Consolidating them into a single daily LJ post is the way to go.
I used … or was it ? I forget… but whichever one it was, it started to get really unreliable, so I turned it off.
So basically I’m not sure if either of those are working now. @_@
I am considering copy-and-paste-into-daily-bullets scenarios myself. That way if I just have one meaningless tweet in a day, I can just save it for the next “batch”… I dunno. Hopefully someone will have more suggestions.

23 12 2009

I use LoudTwitter. It went down for a couple months but appears to be back and strong again.

23 12 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Alright, gonna try LoudTwitter. I don’t like the blank space it forces into the post between the title and the tweets, but…

23 12 2009

Also, I suggest that when you post a long blog post here, you Twitter a link to it. That’ll get it equal coverage with your twitter/FB audiences.

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