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15 12 2009

Haven’t posted since my “I aen’t deade” post.

I’ve been busy as hell, is why. Wake up, wrangle unpacking and assembly and organization for several hours, finally breathe, eat dinner, party party party, wash up, chill, game too late into the night, go to bed. That’s pretty much been my thing for the last few days, so it was nothing really worth blogging about.

Sat down to watch Return To House On Haunted Hill, for some inexplicable reason. I love the 1999 remake — it had a good mixture of witty dialogue, fun characters, great visual design, and even a number of dodges and swerves that switched it up so what looked like ghostly kills were con jobs and vice versa. The followup Castle remakes for 13 Ghosts and Ghost Ship played to the same formula, with terrific visuals and sharp scripts.

The Hill House sequel? Aaaaanoneofthatstuff, pretty much. A bunch of grizzly, sexy people go into the house with a lot of guns because they like Money and because apparently a boring MacGuffin was behind all the evil rather than man’s indecency towards man being to blame, black guy dies first, lesbian dies second in an allegedly sexy way, people croak, boring things happen, things stop happening, the end. I only kept watching because I don’t like to stop things once I’ve started. In the end it was an incredible waste of time.

Now, back to my life.

I’m pondering anachronauts. I put it on hold after beating down NaNoWriMo, so I could focus on the move — now that I’m here I think I need to mix in something of constructive substance during my week’s winter vacation, lest I end up playing Torchlight 24/7. Trouble is I’ve kinda roped myself into doing a Harry Potter parody, and my parody ideas are thin on that front. I do think I have a good plot, though, which just needs some prodding into shape. We’ll see how it goes in the evenings ahead.

Gonna unwind with some TF2, I think, then sleep and tomorrow go buy a TV for Jen. Later.




2 responses

17 12 2009

Just wondering…
Did you support Demo or Soldier during the big TF2 event?
Gotta say, the biggest thing I’m really looking forward to with the update is the new domination quotes we’ll get.

18 12 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: Just wondering…
Demo. I like setting traps and busting sentries. Soldier is a class that relies too much on traditional FPS twitch skills.
In the end, all they got was a pair of boots that eat up a very important weapon slot, so whatevah.

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