11 12 2009

Okay, so.

Tuesday I come home from work and immediately engage in a wild tailspin of horrible things coming out of both ends of my body. I rarely get sick, honestly — but when I do get sick, I go hardcore, apparently. And this time, it just wasn’t stopping, to the point where I got incredibly dehydrated and screwed up in all sorts of ways.

The next morning we threw in the towel on hoping this would go away and went to the hospital. I hate hospitals. I spent a lot of my childhood in them, after all. But in this case, I CRAVED the hospital, I wanted to go, so I had nooo problems when they went to put in the IV and it took three attempts. Like, whatever. Ow, ow, ow, done, gimmie my damn bodily fluids already.

I ended up staying 18 hours, with the practical upshot being a complete end to the nausea (the worst part of the equation) and a lot of sleep. By the time I checked out… I was moved into my new house. They’d up and shuffled the boxes from one location to the other while I was being medicated.

Now, it’s still going to take a lot of work to UNPACK and set up the house, and I’m still marginally sick (I’m eating fine but the end product is not coming out quite fine yet). But overall, I’m a happy camper. Yes, things could be better, but I’m “on the mend” in all aspects and I have a week of vacation coming up to further mend during.

I’ll have pics of the new pad once it’s fully assembled, assuming we can find all the parts. Thanks to LJers for your well wishes while I was undergoing a David Cronenberg movie shoot.




6 responses

11 12 2009

Sorry you had to go through all that. Glad you’re feeling better, and are moved.

11 12 2009

That’s a pretty poor way to avoid a move :(

11 12 2009

Well, thank goodness for all of that!

12 12 2009

It was sort of convenient, in the sense that he was out of the way during packing and we didn’t have to worry about what he would need left out. ;)
… but yeah, being sick = bad

12 12 2009

You wasted a great opportunity to put an ellipsis in before “of the new pad” there. ;)
Glad to hear you’re getting better.

13 12 2009

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