Teh Metalz & Teh Mirrorz & Teh Movez

4 12 2009

Brutal Legend! I haven’t actually gotten to the RTS elements yet. I’m about to; that’s the next mission. So far, it’s been an enjoyable romp with AMAZING art direction and fun writing, but traditionally I suck badly at RTS games, so we’ll see if the fun level slopes away sharply. I’ll talk more about that next time.

I unfortunately accidentally got a major plot twist spoiled for me by watching some multiplayer videos, of the flavor of “Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal”. Honestly, though, that’s fine; I care more about WHY a twist happens than the twist itself; I’m still curious to see how Character A got to Point B. I’m also curious how the Drowning Doom, the 3rd faction, fits in… I like 3rds factions in stories because they provide an alternative to Pure Good and Pure Evil, some sort of sideline viewpoint that has legitimate reasons not to trust in either camp. Sadly, I don’t think that’s the case here, but we’ll see.

As for the soundtrack… honestly, I’m not a metalhead. And yet, I’m enjoying this, particularly the classic / standard stuff from Sabbath, Maiden, Megadeth, etc. It was enough to make me wanna fire up iTunes and let the wacky Geniustm thingy put together a nice metal playlist to enjoy last night while playing some TF2. I think the emphasis on the sheer awesomeness of rock rather than the GRR BURLY MAN MAN KILL EAT ENEMIES sort of aggression that metal typically carries these days helped a lot. Humor and metal go together well and help take the piss out of it all.

Mirror’s Edge! For a game that’s basically “Do it right or die horribly over and over and over” and focused completely on speed runs, I’m actually enjoying this. I think it’s because of the very minor penalty for failure… if you do become street pizza, you immediately respawn not too far from where you died, to have another go at it. It’s fast, it’s forgiving, and it’s less of a bitchslap than other games deliver to you when you screw up. Borderlands is the same; if you croak, you just zot over to town with slightly less money but no worse for wear. TF2? Respawn, move out. Booyah. (L4D2, well, MUCH stiffer penalty since you could have to restart the same campaign mission over and over. One reason why I prefer Versus/Scavenge.)

I’m all in favor of forgiving death penalties, ever since being traumatized by a JRPG which basically dunked me into an unwinnable, unfixable doom scenario after 20 hours of play because I made a build mistake two hours into play. Being able to roll back without a cascading series of crippling drawbacks makes it easier to experiment a bit and try alternate approaches without being punished for not memorizing an extensive FAQ or not having twitchy l33t sk1llz.

Finally, the move is on — I pack up and move to my new house next Friday. Packing is pretty much done, although there’s a LOT of stuff down here, and miscellaneous odds and ends are going to turn up constantly over the next week without a proper box to put them in. Plus there’s the iffy relocations of sensitive/gigantic/weird things, like my MAME cab and my skeeball machine and the pile of game consoles around the TV… ugh. I just want this to go off smoothly and stress free. (Which is gonna be tricky considering the Child’s Play charity event in Second Life is that very night. We have plans in place to handle it, thanks to my resourceful mom, but it’s gonna be a tight squeeze.)




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4 12 2009

The RTS elements for Brutal Legend aren’t as unforgiving as real RTS games, at least. Plus you get to run Eddie around like you normally do and help out wherever you need to, so it’s not all “micromanage but don’t help directly and hope for the best.”
The Drowning Doom is awesome, though :)

4 12 2009

Make sure you’re playing on casual difficulty.
That turns it into the RTS equivalent of God of War. Very elementary, group all your guys together, go get a control point, move onto the next, help your guys out. Not very deep but loads of fun in a casual way.

5 12 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yeah, I’m playing Gentle mode. I have no qualms with dropping the difficulty in the games I play — even if I could handle Normal, getting through it faster means more time to play other games instead of floudering around trying to finish one.

5 12 2009

… out of morbid curiosity, what in the world was the doom scenario JRPG? I thought the genre was a LOT better about that sort of gamer-hating thing nowadays (excepting game-breaking bugs somehow caused by horrible translations/localizations, i.e. some of the Harvest Moon games and, supposedly, Ar Tonelico 2).

5 12 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It wasn’t admittedly a very good game, but…
Hmm. Lemme full post this one. Gimmie a few.

7 12 2009

(Mine is an evil laugh!)
That actually makes Mirror’s Edge seem more appealing – I tend to get very stressed when playing games like that, and I’d assumed I’d have to restart quite a bit more after simple mistakes. Might have to pick it up now.

7 12 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Well, you WILL be falling to your death a few dozen times, but you’re never more than a handful of stunts away from where you croaked. It’s pretty forgiving. And with no inventory to deplete and no stats to look out for, you go into each attempt fresh and ready without penalty.

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