sa03 says come on and have a go, if you’re hard enough

15 11 2009

And we’re draft complete, go figure.

This one pretty much wrote itself. It’s one of the more formed stories I had going into this project; a simple idea that lays itself out perfectly. The next one up, Forsaken Shores 02, is going to take a bit more work since all I have figured out to date is the finale.

Plus, while NaNoWriMo’s guidelines say “Plow haphazardly into writing and edit later, focus on speed” I think I’m gonna stop and breathe and edit sa01-sa03 next. The following week is going to have a lot of great TV I want to watch, notably the remake of The Prisoner, and I’m also back at work. Lighter but critical work like editing should come first. Then, it’ll be hopefully one last push to hit the 50,000 word mark.

I should warn, this is a pretty brutal story, if the intro wasn’t clue enough. Not exactly TV-Y7 so proceed at your own peril.




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15 11 2009

Loved the end of this in particular. I’d forgotten how well Emily and Scout go together, really, and it’s lovely to see Emily acting more mature.

15 11 2009

Yeep. O.o;; Tactical note: Do not screw around with Emily, and file that note under “Beware The Nice Ones”. I almost feel sorry for Dylan. ‘.’

15 11 2009

I bet Dylan & Co. have done a lot in the last couple centuries to give the Winterhounds their rep with humans. The others like T. wouldn’t be noticed enough to make a real impression, comparably.
2f, from your Authorial Perspective, what kinda breakdown do you see for the Winterhounds in that regard? Clearly they’re all varying degrees of murderer, but how many are just like Dylan? Presumably there’s enough who aren’t, for Emily’s declaration to have teeth. Their teeth.
So for the past two years she’s been rezzing them all by default, automatically/instinctively? And now she’ll pick and choose on that front. Essentially…. right?
I love the whole “until such a time as you no longer amuse the Crown of Ice” dynamic — Lady Winter casually predicting it when she first met Dylan, in her typical way. Awesome.
Em’s unhappy about the Voice but that flare-up probably made her message that much more effective. Just to cement in their minds that the Emily they saw giving no-nonsense speeches a few moments before is indeed something More. It gives the non-Queened-out version more weight, for the ones that weren’t buying into it before.

16 11 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It’s hard to say. The entire concept is a bogeyman, a wandering pointless murderer — the epitome of the cruelty of winter. I’d say very few of them have been morally sound. However, few take such intense and systematic delight in it as Dylan does. They may be more willing to change with the times (particularly when they see how those who are unwilling to change are dealt with).
Em’s displeasure with using the Voice is about more than just her persuasion skills. She’s concerned about something else.
(And yeah, Em’s sort of ‘instinctively’ rezzing them when they drop for the last two years. It happens with or without her knowledge, as part of being a Winterhound — but apparently she’s learned how to stop it from happening if she desires.)

16 11 2009

Well they can’t all be about bubbly would be lesbians and elvish rock concerts can they. Good chapter that was an interesting change of pace for the series as a whole. I enjoy your works a great deal and they always have such energy and creativity about them that I sometimes forget just how dark you can go if you so choose. At least until I remember the *shudder* final fate of Ami from the Fashion Club. Still a bit of darkness every now and then is not a bad thing. It can be good to every once and a while to remind the readership that not everything in this universe is puppy dog hugs and rainbow emissions. Not that it ever really was of course but you know what I mean. Have to raise the stakes and unlike Joss Wheedon these days you know its possible to do that without pointlessly slaughtering a few major characters. I’m especially curious to see how this story ultimately fits into the overall larger plot. Is this just a one off with a few bits meant to be seeding plot coupons for much further down the line or will it have a more direct impact on our team of misfit explorers and their (presumably) current quest for Western shores. I for one am looking forward to finding out.

16 11 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

This one’s a bit less connected to the uberplot. The takeaways to focus on are Anchorage and Emily’s concern over the future. And I suppose Dylan may return later, too.

16 11 2009

Hmm… I could make a guess about what Emily’s concerned about, but that might lead to spoileration. She’s only got one head and she’s trying to wear three hats…

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