sa03 is going in the penalty box for high sticking

14 11 2009

Well, it was either that or a machete, I guess.

I’m enjoying writing. It’s a lovely thing, being able to come home each day and have something to write, and the drive to go at it. NaNoWriMo may be a lock-in but it being there is enough impetus for me to plow on ahead rather than let the project sit while I ponder and fiddle about.

sa03 is again a standalone, but will feature some of the main cast, as this intro makes clear. It also gives me a chance to do something I couldn’t do much in the main series — explore the Winterlands, and the hounds that prey upon it.




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14 11 2009

Two for one
Plowed through the rest of sa02, that’s looking very good indeed. (Saw “crowing” one spot where it should’ve been “crowding,” but nothing else jumped out at me.) Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Benny, too.
And sa03 looks to be off to a good start … hockey Winterhounds? Yipe. o.o This should be … interesting.

14 11 2009

What was that movie I saw, with the trio of silent street-hockey kid/demons? I think maybe they symbolized Cerberus, but I really don’t remember.
Anyway. They were scary, but Dylan & Co. are already scarier to me. :D
And Emily’s going to meet them? All the Winterhounds?… I automatically assume this can’t go well. But then again, she’s calling this meeting and she knows what the Winterhounds are like… there must be some Plan there with a Capital P.

14 11 2009

P.S.: Continuity problem. In A04, Lady Winter says,
“Until this day, no human has been found worthy of joining the Wild Hunt.”
But clearly that’s not the case, given Dylan here and Taamusi. However, the idea of having more ex-human Winterhounds is far too interesting to write out, so if I were you I’d just go edit A04. Maybe “No human in this century / in centuries has been found worthy of joining the Wild Hunt.”
P.P.S.: At least to me, that would make sense since the initial novelty of conscripting these alien humans may have faded for L. Winter. Perhaps she initially wanted to expand her forces and now she has plenty of them.

14 11 2009

Dogma. The Stygian Triplets obeyed Azrael, played by Jason Lee.

14 11 2009

“a man could, right the right equipment” With the right equipment, I think.
“With a slow, yet powerful swing, he checked the human across the jaw” Er, a check is like a shove. This act seems to be what we call “high-sticking.” compare “high sticking” versus “body checking” or “cross-checking.”
Good stuff!

14 11 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ll definitely need to change a04. It just doesn’t work if Dylan and particularly Taamsi are Fae instead of human.

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