sa02 draft complete

12 11 2009

“What does the scouter say?” “It’s over just under… NINE THOUSAND words in two days!” “WHAT? NINE THOUSAND?!”


Fastest write I’ve managed lately. In the end I dialed back a few things, to save some plot developments for later; the game plan for the Second Age is to tell a serial story, but as standalone stories, jumping from subplot to subplot and cast member to cast member. Benny and Chloe shall return, needless to say. But not just yet.

Next up… o, Canada.




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13 11 2009

/me goes to read, giggling like a 300-pound hairy schoolgirl.

13 11 2009

That was sweet, man. :D

13 11 2009


13 11 2009

Not bad at all.

13 11 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m at 30k words. Even with November game releases and such I think I can crack 50k.

13 11 2009

If anyone tells you that you are anything less than a master of ominous and off-putting foreshadowing then you give that person a nice boot to the head. Interesting story for many reasons not the least of which it being a prequel to the previous story. So now we are going out of sequence, eh? Tricky 2f, tricky.
I don’t have much to say about Chloe since we still know so little about her but she certainly seems like a character with potential.
Benny on the other hand… Well him I just outright love him. I’ve mentioned previously that I have a thing for Sherlock Holmes types and another favorite of mine is the Scoundrel who may or may not (depening entirely of course on whether or not he has had to hock it) have a heart of gold. Benny certainly seems to fit into that type albeit with a heavier leaning to say a Nick Cage in Lords of War than Han Solo. He also seems to be a distant relative of your old Slayers character Bugger (who is another favorite of mine so I might be biased in seeing a connection)with maybe just the slightest hint of Dresden. Overall Benny seems like the perfect character to weave in and out of stories. A character who can seamlessly switch from supporting to lead as the needs or whims the writer dictate. In short a character who I can’t wait to see more of.
I also loved all the little pop culture bon mots you threw in as well. The Twilight dig especially left a smile on my face. Excellent work that was simultaneously light fun and darkly portentous. A neat trick. You know you are writing these things so fast now that you have totally reawakened my old 2f addiction (and upon second thought I realize that comment comes off a lot creepier than I intended though not creepy enough to change it of course:).

13 11 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The curious thing is that originally, “Benny the Smuggler” was going to be a member of the anachronauts team. He would be the reluctant voice, the one pointing out the obvious (poking your nose around the Forsaken Shores is a patently horrible idea), but armed with knowledge of the rest of the world to guide them with. The captain of the Clockwork Mermaid was originally going to be more pirate-y, and be named “Captain Ylsa”, I believe.
When I started up my Five Man Band posts a month or so ago, brainstorming up who would work best with Una and Nel, plans changed around. I wanted a steampunker guy to be their outside-world contact, and his mechanical manservant served more plot ends than you would suspect.
But that left Benny high and dry, so I needed something else for him to do if I wanted to use this character I’d come up with. So, I tweaked his nature, making him no longer human, and tied him into the uberplot for Forsaken Shores.
Chloe… was more improvisational. I needed someone for Benny to interact with beyond dealmaking, so we could see more of him than just business. The rest fell into place after that, when I realized she could be tied into jolly old England for reasons I’m not at liberty to say. This makes her more of an uncashed Plot Coupon, and I don’t have a lot of “room” before I can use her again, but she will play a role in the second uberplot if things go according to plan. (As if they ever do.)
To be continued…

13 11 2009

Okay, this story is all exciting. :D I mean sa01 was exciting in the “Yay! More story!” and “Oh, so that’s what happened next!” senses. But it’s always nice to see all the variously weaving threads of threats of future trouble to be Dealt With. :D
Also: “immediately smashed every window in the bathroom.” — should be window AND mirror, eh? Both are reflective. Unless it needs to be really, really reflective like a mirror, in which case it should just be “mirror”… ignoring the distorted chrome faucets…
Also, see email. ^_^

13 11 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Typo. It should just be mirrors; this was a staff bathroom deep within the BCC, and wouldn’t have windows.

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