sa01 draft complete, woot

9 11 2009

Queen Emily Explains It All. Well… almost all.

In the end, I wrote about 23,000 words for this chapter alone. I hadn’t expected to bother with NaNoWriMo, given I have other hobbies and a day job and a move into a new house to deal with, but at this rate I may “win” by default. But I have to admit a little guilt at even pointing that out.

I’ve always been keen on NaNoWriMo, because the idea of writing a buncha stuff in a month and affixing a shiny banana sticker award to your work appeals to me. It’s a validation of what you’re doing and how much you’ve accomplished. But there are two aspects of it that just don’t apply to me: one, I don’t follow or participate or even care about the “NaNoWriMo” web community, and two, I’m not a new author desperately seeking motivation to write something.

That makes me unsure if I can ethically claim to be a NaNoWriMo winner without delivering a big ‘ol backhanded slap to everybody really struggling to make it happen. Still… that banana sticker calls out to me. I may be forced to be a Chad Of Writing and accept the award because I want it even if it’s not really intended for me.

Then again, maybe I’ll hit a dry spell and that’ll be it for the month. We’ll see.

At any rate… here’s sa01/fs01 in the can. Read, enjoy, respond. Not sure what I’ll hit next… either a standalone short story in the Second Age series, or the next part of the serial Forsaken Shores series. I may alternate. I may paint myself blue and ride a bicycle off Big Ben. Who knows?




5 responses

10 11 2009

Interesting. Definitely interesting.
First and foremost this story is definitely up to your usual standards. You have a lot of balls that need juggling: reacquaint long time readers with the new status quo, be accessible to newcomers, introduce the new characters, set the stage for the larger epic, and tell a satisfyingly complete stand alone story. You kept all the balls in air with what appears to be admirable ease.
More specifically I have to admit I did not expect you would dump the obst… I mean Una’s boyfriend so quickly. If I had known how unimportant he really was I would have never brought him up in previous comments at all. This is not a complaint mind you. You pulled the band aid off quickly instead of letting it linger on forever (I’m looking at you Glee) and in the process allowed for something I love. You let your characters be flawed.
Una screwed up and she screwed up big. If the situation had been more dire in nature, it could have gone very badly. For that matter if Jessie had been a little more crazy or thoughtless it could have gone badly. She got lucky and hopefully she will get called on it next time we see her. But I love the fact that she did what she did. It is all to easy to write perfect Mary sue protagonists (*cough* Twilight *cough*) after all. Both Una and Nell (who needs to start treating Una like a person and not Goddess not just for the good of the team but to have any chance of a real romantic relationship) messed up.
As for Gilbert, I have not seen enough of him to make a final call but what I’ve seen so far I like. Of course I’ve always had a soft spot for the Sherlock/Monk/Pysch super genius detective and his seeming to fit that category does not hurt. I reserve judgment on Jeeves although I hope he will be more of a character than just the dumb robot help.
Overall good story that I enjoyed. Thanks as always for your efforts to entertain us and see you next time.

10 11 2009

That last bit has left me with Johnny Cash’s “When The Man Comes Around” in my head. In a good way.

10 11 2009

For some reason, I like Jessie. Yeah, she’s a little rough, maybe even crazy, but she’s also really interesting. She’s a lot different than Emily. The two have very different approaches to things. Jessie’s way of approaching things seems to be “stab it and kill it real good” while Emily’s was more resourceful.
I like Gilbert and Jeeves.
This story is shaping up nicely. I am looking forward to whatever else you write.

11 11 2009

I’m really liking this — although, I think there’s a danger that the Grumpy Voice of Reason (aka Jesse, this time) is sounding too much like Emily, too soon. I am very pleased that Gilbert isn’t a Dr. Who clone.
My friend David Bull, the woodblock printmaker, is using something called Rich eBook to make downloadable monster PDF files with built in sound and video. I thought it was a very interesting idea for self-publishing of a different sort. You might want to take a look.

11 11 2009

I enjoyed it. Especially Gilbert and Jeeves. I’m in the process now of annotating typos, mostly missing words, which I’ll email to you once I’m done.

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