Unearthing the Inbox

22 10 2009

I’ve had things piling up around here lately.

Yesterday I had a bunch of little things go horribly wrong. I was feeling like crap. So, I decided a pick-me-up was in order — I’d take the stressful, guilt inducing things I’d let slide for so long and attack them head on.

Task #1: 7Seas. SL is very meh for me lately. Social chat is full of spoiled children yelling at each other over stupid things. (We have plenty of great people fishing, but the 10% of them that cause strife are the loudest.) Without any new content, nothing to get excited about, we’ve been stagnating and people have been restless and jerkassy.

So, last night, I finished the 7Seas fish breeding code — the database backend, the in-world scripts, everything. There was some feature creep today which set it back a bit, but that’s fine, we can’t make any serious progress until next week anyway. The point is that the core functionality is done. It’s one less thing to deal with.

Task #2: A major thing on the day job which I won’t discuss because as always, I enjoy not being fired for blogging about my job. It was a huge task which turned out to not actually be that huge, and shoveling that away has made my red-flagged item list shrink considerably.

Task #3: anachronauts. I finished the editing passes recently and yesterday I started researching publishing options, with the help of my sister. There’s a lot of them out there; I’m going to pick the one that’ll result in the cheapest book for y’all.

I’m not sure if anachronauts is the best candidate for Bookizing, mind you. It’s an open ended finish… probably more open ended than I should have aimed for, to the point where finishing a paperback of it will leave you going “Sooo… where’s the rest?”. But UE and SN are both too huge and too multimedia to work in book format, either. I was considering maybe writing a NEW project, something for NaNiWriMo, which would be small enough but still good enough to make a good stand-alone book… I don’t have any ideas, though, so odds are I’ll power ahead with anachronauts instead. We’ll see.

Sooo, no new publically viewable results for task #3… yet. But I am making some progress there. I’m making progress everywhere. A good thing, considering I’m MOVING next month, and also a TON of games are dropping in November (Lego Rock Band, Dragon Age, Left 4 Dead 2, maybe DJ Hero) and I want some guilt-free time to play them without something big hanging over my head. I’m getting there, slowly but surely.




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22 10 2009

You know, at some point you may want to hire/bring into the collective/whatever someone whose job it is to take great SL ideas and outlines and turn them into code you can then tear apart and shout “NO, YOU IDIOT!” at and generally give you the starting point. And then clean up the wreckage.

22 10 2009

You could always write an Anachronauts second-age novel for NaNoWriMo?

22 10 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Coding is actually the fun part for me, along with the design work. Only reason I kept pushing this off is because SL in GENERAL felt like Cram It city… a pile of annoyances. Once I actually sat down and made myself work on it I had a good time, in the sense one can have a good time writing up code and problem solving.

23 10 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The problem is I see two paths for anachronauts now, which I sketched out on the page a week ago.
1. The Second Age, which are standalone short stories, sometimes involving one or more of the 1A cast, sometimes involving originals.
2. The Explorers, which consists of the official ‘anachronauts’ team doing a run up and down the coast of Westusa.
The Explorers could make a good novel, but I want to mix the two together a bit — write some of one, some of another. I can’t do that if I’m totally focused on NaNiWriMo.

23 10 2009

“This would be a great game if not for all the other people.”

23 10 2009

Are you intending to include an e-book edition of anachronauts? I’ve been able to convert the HTML pages to ePub format using Stanza Desktop for reading on my iPhone, but it’s a fairly crude conversion and loses a some of the formatting and the funky backwards spellcasting words. It would be nice to have a professionally produced e-book.

23 10 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Oh, absolutely. One way or another there’ll be an eBook version. I don’t know what format, though… absolutely Kindle, hopefully others. I’m not that worried about copy protection but I do want to SELL it, that’s the whole point of the exercise.

23 10 2009

Hopefully your publisher will be able to help you with that. :)

23 10 2009

You should totally at least submit it to Baen. They publish stuff, and you write beautifully, and they are totally down with free releases online of their published works.
Also, much yay for fun design and implementation work! And boo for drama. And yay for “super huge problems” being fixed very quickly! ^5

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