Going Gold

16 10 2009

a08 has gone gold, and I’ve got some sketchy titles for the Second Age up.

The editing on this thing has been a hell of a slog. I felt compelled to be painstakingly careful on it, since it will eventually be slapped on deadtree format. Still, this took way longer than I wanted it to, and for you guys it’ll be longer still before you see new content — I have to write a00, the bonus chapter for the print version, before I hit the Second Age. Still… feels good to have this done.

My life’s felt a bit aimless and generic lately. New creative output channels are called for. Let’s see what we can do, now that the dam has burst.




2 responses

16 10 2009

That’s great news! I’m also looking forward to the print version. Any idea how/who/how much?

16 10 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Still hammering out the details. The problem is the sheer page count; it’s going to drive up the cost of getting this printed. For folks on a budget, digital editions will be available, likely through Amazon’s Kindle store (there are PC and iPhone readers, too) and Lulu.com. Details forthcoming.

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