So… yeah.

27 09 2009

I haven’t been LJing much. Haven’t even been twittering much. Let’s take stock of where I am.

WRITING: Anachronauts is in the can, but needs the final editing passes. I’m half-finished these, but each chapter takes 2-3 hours to do, which is a painstaking process. I have ideas bubbling away on the backburner of my mind for Second Age stories, which I can’t wait to show you, although many of them are too half baked right now to be presentable. Thanks for your patience here. Consider it the ‘mid-season break’ with a triumphant return planned.

SECOND LIFE: Other than ranting away in my last post about all the hell I’ve had to deal with, there is some positivism here. Jen’s back online and back in the creative saddle, and I’m back to coding. The fish breeding project is first and foremost in the works, and we’ve done a good job overhauling the entire concept to make it more fun (and more profitable) (without being considerably more evil). I am balking a bit at doing the gruntwork part of the code, mind you. Egh.

CITY OF HEROES: I’ve been playing the living hell out of this lately. I finally “get” scrappers and other melee types… before, I felt overwhelmed by rushing into combat and desperately trying to find the best target with the TAB key. It was crazily overstimulating and eventually I just lost track of what was going on. (Same reason I suck at fighting games; I process visual information and make tactical decisions JUUUST a bit too slowly for that.)

But, I figured out the key… it actually doesn’t matter that much if you have the best target and the best power cued up. On our teams, generally everybody rocks hard, so if you aren’t 100% awesome it’s no big deal, the whole spawn is wiped out in seconds anyway. Just wade in there and fist anything you can get your hands on, and in the end everything works itself out.

I’ve come to enjoy scrapping and widowing and so on since that. Having a few solo+teamable builds now helps a hell of a lot, too. Before, I had a pile of pure support or pure damage dealing types who were incapable of doing much on their own; they could ONLY earn some XP on Saturday sessions with DFB. Nowadays I don’t make pure defenders or pure blasters with gaping holes in their competency; my dudes pull their own weight singleton, duo, triad, or whatever. Feels damn good.

OTHER GAMING FOO: Rock Band, TF2, y’know, the usual suspects. Not much Beatles anymore; it was a fun experience but once you’ve enjoyed the songs plenty and had enough of the overly picky vocal engine, it’s more a party game you pull out when the fam or friends are over. And that’s fine, I don’t regret buying it.

And… that’s where I am. Largely wafting around from hobby to hobby and game to game right now. I think once we really get down and dirty with the fish coding and once I finish the anachronauts edits I’ll have more focus on one specific thing.




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27 09 2009

That’s all right. Everyone needs cool-down periods. You just finished writing a pretty long, epic story. I’m looking forward to the Second Age but I’m very willing to be patient.

28 09 2009

I figured out the key… it actually doesn’t matter that much if you have the best target and the best power cued up. On our teams, generally everybody rocks hard
That was my experience when playing — that’s a big part of why I like CoHing with you all. I’d probably be doing more to pull my weight if I had an expertly crafted build like you usually do… but you always gave me good advice, so, hey.
I miss CoH. Maybe I should again. You know, in my limitless free time. XD But seriously, I do have uninterrupted chunks after Eliza goes to bed nowadays.

28 09 2009

so what types of scrappers are you playing? My main is a DB/WP and I can’t stop playing him. The animations are top-knot and there’s nothing more satisfying than jumping into a huge mob, hitting the sweep combo and seeing 10 guys all getting knocked-up at the same time. Its a shame that it gets turned into knockback for lower level mobs

29 09 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: scrappers
I’m trying:
Elec / WP. It’s beastly damage and great survivability; downside is the chain of attacks is slow to recharge, but that’s not a huge deal, especially teamed.
DB / Fire. I wanted a secondary that didn’t need too many powers, since DB is a HUNGRY primary. I’m not doing too well, but I’m only in the DO range so far. Slotting is going to be a pain. Definitely won’t be a god-tier character.
Also, Night Widow. My survivability is suspect, but I’m only 16 right now and don’t have any NW powers. The claws do decent damage, but again, are slow to recharge and quick to fire.

29 09 2009

Well, we’d be more than happy to see you back, if you decided you wanna return!

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