Musings Pondered During Various Games

9 09 2009

… “You know, this works pretty well for Baby’s First Stealth Game. I’m actually only kind of sucking at it. Actually having difficulty settings helps, too.”
… “Mark Hamill is the man. Kevin Conroy is also the man but he’s not given much to work with here outside of dry exposition. Shame.”
… “Croc’s Lair is clearly an exercise in sadomasochism on behalf of the developers. The only way to fail it is if the controls fail on you. Which is far too possible.”
… “I sat through five countries and four corporations worth of credits for THAT bonus scene?”
… “Good game. One of the few I actually played through to the end, so hey.”

… “Why am I singing at 1pm? My voice is horrible in the morning.”
… “Huh. RE: Your Brains is oddly hard to hit the notes on.”
… “Holy crap. NO WAY is Paul & Storm’s ‘Opening Band’ a tier 1 vocal song!”
… “Freezepop. Quite possibly the greatest band playing the greatest music (challenging, too!) that nobody is ever going to download because they’re busy being little 13 year old Halo playing fratboy wannabe metalheads who find pop music to be threatening to their sexuality.”
… “HOLY CRAP Johnathan Coulton’s ‘Creepy Doll’ looks awesome. I’ve never heard this song before but it really works in Rock Band!”

… “I’ve had 2h40 minutes combined commuting time today, 55 emails to process, massive arthritis pain, and a headache to kill. Give me something to make that worth while kplox.”
… “Okay, this is pretty awesome.”
… “Giving away the profits on their first DLC to charity is a classy move, indeed.”
… “It’s out of shrinkwrap for 30 minutes and the first songs are being played by my sister, not me. Hah. Well, it’ll mean it has some longevity in the fam.”
… “Um. Wow. Did they crank up the precision-o-meter on this thing? The vocal scoring is being like a 1960s domineering schoolmarm.”
… “Uh, yeah, this thing’s really kicking my ass. Even on Hard I’m not FCing. I can FC damn near anything on sightread on hard in RB2. Wow.”
… “Okay, it’s just outside my comfort range on the vocals, but that’s fine; more practice to do.”
… “Oh, come on! 90%+ of these achievements are all about getting huge scores on guitar, bass, drums, or in a band. Guess no shiny icon for me. Better not be any discrimination later down the line when playing online.”
… “Although given I’ve already run into four potheads playing random quickplay online so far who fumble through the menus and babble and have no idea what they’re doing, maybe I’ll stick to solo.”

Yay games. I’ll cover Scribblenauts next week.




3 responses

10 09 2009

Any visuals to go along with “Creepy Doll”, that is. The damn song’s scary enough. So pleased Coulton is getting more out of these, though — he sold them on his Thing a Week series. Do they also do “Code Monkey”? That song is an earworm if ever there was one.

10 09 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Right now, we’ve got Still Alive, Skullcrusher Mountain, and RE: Your Brains. With the Rock Band Network (a system that lets indie bands post their own songs and get paid for ’em) he’s already planning to add Creepy Doll and The Future Soon. There’ll probably be other stuff, and Code Monkey is a shoe-in.

10 09 2009

I have dreams of standing in a crowded cafeteria at some software company and starting to sing, quietly, “Code Monkey get up, get coffee,” and having the people at the table join in with “Code Monkey go job, ” and so on, until the whole place burst into song! (Not dance, though. Code Monkey not dance good.)

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