a01 gone gold

7 09 2009

This is less of an exciting anachronauts update than you’d think, but hey, it’s worth note.

I’m doing final editing passes over the stories. Word choice, mostly — revising dialogue to better jive with how the characters ended up, making sure things make sense with later revelations, and simply tweaking the text to read smoother. Finding a LOT of synonyms for “said”, for instance.

Along with this is the usual round of spellchecking, although I’m letting some red letter words stay put. I like contracting two words into a single one, particularly for a concept unique to my world. “Spellcaster” for instance. Or when it’s there for humor value. Or when it just feels right.

The goal is to proof the entire series, so it’s in tip-top shape for book publication. I’m still headscratching about whether I can do this in print; services like LuLu charge 0.02 cents per page, and we’re looking at 300+ pages, here. It’s going to be an expensive book. Maybe that’s alright, though, because the sort of reader who would want to buy it when it’s available online as well is someone who craves an archival, paperbound copy and wouldn’t mind a premium for that pile of material worth.

For others, there’ll be e-book versions too, which include the bonus story I’m writing concerning the shape of things during the Pandora Event itself. Oooh, mysterious and neat.

I’ll have a more slice-of-lifey type update later, as The Beatles are releasing this week, the PAX pack for Rock Band, and the week after Scribblenauts drops. I also finished Batman: Arkham Asylum, I’ll have thoughts there too, likely. For now — sleep.




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