anachronauts is now draft complete

26 08 2009

It’s time for the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

A novel written in about two months. That’s insane, and somehow, I did it.

As happy as I am with the outcome, we’re not QUITE done yet. I need to do a final editing pass through all the stories, finalizing a07 and a08 in the process. Prepare the e-book and hopefully print versions, and write the bonus material for them. And beyond that… there is the dawn of the Second Age.

This ‘chapter’ is over. The story has just begin.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this experience as much as I have. Feedback welcome.




21 responses

27 08 2009

Screaming victory, man. Nicely done.
“tactica mission debriefing” : tactical.
“If they kept and open mind” : an.
“her grant inauguration” : grand.
“goddess-and-knight-and-alienthing” alien thing maybe?

27 08 2009

I hope I get to meet you in person some day because you sir are a master and I wish to shake your hand. And maybe give you a light punch in the arm for what you did to Scout and by extension my heartbeat. :) Great story and you can definitely count me as a buyer for any dead tree edition you choose to produce. You left the series in a strong place filled with a lot of possibilities for sequels. You’ve created a very strong universe and a perfect introduction to it. I look forward to future explorations. Here is to the Second Age. May it be interesting times.

27 08 2009

Awesome awesome awesome awesome.

27 08 2009

Sorry left this bit out. I was never really worried you would kill Scout of course. You aren’t Joss Wheedon after all. But I was worried you might permanently break up the trio in some way. I could see an ending where Una ends up forced to leave Earth forever or Scout and Emily trapped on a parallel world or forced to return with all the fae to their world. You had hinted at such a possibility throughout your journal posts and that for me was the major tension while reading this chapter. Now of course your seemingly ominous comments about the trio not being able to continue on post story Slayers still makes sense. Just to reiterate I love where you left them and am kicking myself for not seeing Emily’s fate coming. Oh and the concept of pillow badasses… Priceless, simply priceless.

27 08 2009

What he said. Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.

27 08 2009

Amazing stuff, and a nice opener-story feeling, taken overall. It is – probably as intended – very much like a novel or short series that starts up a wide range of offshoot related stories, like Dragonlance, Thieves World, one of that style of thing.
Well done.

27 08 2009

Awesome. I was holding off on reading them because I was waiting to read the entire product in one hit. Now I can go sink my teeth into it. Woo.

27 08 2009

That was rather awesome. I’d been trying to figure out what Summer and Winter’s motives were for a while now, and it’s amusing to note what the results of their respective plans would have been.
I’d go into a lot more detail, but it’s late, I’m tired, so I’ll note I’ve really enjoyed it.

27 08 2009

press “escape” to stop my icon from endlessly animating
*squee* Perfectamundo! YAY! *_*
You’ve heard some of my reactions already — good approach w/reintroducing Una to the conversation.
Something just occurred to me, though. Lar said all worlds are teeming with life. But Winter says they already stripmined. Wouldn’t that mean that when the Orbitals arrived to stripmine, it was _not_ teeming with life? Just have Lar say “almost all”, that would take care of it, eh?
I suggest capitalizing the O in flakey-Os. Otherwise it’s like you’re talking about first gen Vista. ;)
As noted above, the pillow badasses = awesome. :D
“anachronauts, only less stupid sounding” — XD
I’m surprised the Orbitals split. I’m sure they feel horrible, but now you don’t have them handy as a fourth faction to write about. :) I guess the Sub city is more than enough people and resources to cause trouble.
I think Una will be a great coordinator of the w______. Although I wonder if Orbital traditions are crosswise to typical Earth ones. Plus there’s the Fae factor. That could be comedic. Too bad we’re apparently going to miss it. :D

27 08 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yah. When I said they may be ‘unavailable’ my concern was that as Queen of Faerie, Emily couldn’t go jaunting off at the drop of a hat anymore. Lady Summer could, of course, which sets a precident, but it’ll depend on how things go with her work as a peacemaker. Scout’s pretty much tied to her side, too, so he wouldn’t wander off without her.
Una’s a bit more flexible, although she’s working with the Suborbitals pretty tightly. (And as for Nel/Una… you’ll see.)

27 08 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yeah, don’t let the Draft markers concern you. My drafts are functionally complete, they just have typos and the occasional clunky word choice which’ll get smoothed out later. The story remains the same.

27 08 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: press “escape” to stop my icon from endlessly animating
No, Lar was accurate. He’s talking from the conspiracy’s POV. World of Faerie WAS teeming with life… until his partners relocated that life, leaving behind prime real estate.
Lol microsoft.
The Suborbitals have a thick enough population that we’ll have plenty of shiny jetpack fewcha peoples to pick from for new characters.

27 08 2009

I look forward to the development of sustainable archologies! In fact, I DEMAND them. I am going to become an Orbital environmental extremist, dammit!
:) :) :)
Is someone going to give Emily a pill for that headache, or is she just going to have to learn to live with it?

27 08 2009

She could probably fix the headache herself, IF she knew how her new powers worked. ;)

27 08 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I see it just as growing pains; a transitional thing. Notice it wasn’t bugging her much by the end.

28 08 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Aww, man. I was going for awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome. I guess I came up short.

28 08 2009

“That’s what SHE said!”

28 08 2009

Yes, wow. But not just ‘wow’. Also ‘amazing’.
And I completely did not see any of it coming.
…Now I want someone I know to use this as an RPG setting.

28 08 2009

That was very, very fun! Really enjoyed it, and am looking forward to the Second Age even if there’s understandably less Emily. Curious about her Insight/Instinct (I believe it gets referred to by both terms, which may be something to check in later proofreads) and I hope a bit more is elaborated, particularly given what Kennedy said.
Also, I have an amusing yet improbable vignette in my head involving Una accessing old Earth Internet sites, finding TVTropes, and then not being heard from for days.

29 08 2009

If you haven’t been keeping up with my journal lately, you really should read the latest couple of posts. (Just click the “shachihoko” link next to my userpic.) Then you’ll understand why I haven’t read the conclusion of Anachronauts yet.
Rest assured, as soon as I can get online without leaving the house, I will read and comment (and proofread, if you still want me to).

1 09 2009

Finally reading a08 in full
You wrote an excellent villain, particularly given the culture he’s coming from. O.O
And the final showdown between Summer and Winter … O.O;;;
Awesomely written. Still some typos, but I figured I might as well get this chapter read even though I’m not back online from my own desktop computer yet.

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