a07 is playin’ with the boys

16 08 2009

Alternate title: a07 takes my breath away.

Wow, this scene really got away from me. I was figuring I’d take the earlier suggestion of giving Scout a focus on teaching, and have him show Emily some self defense techniques. But my scene setup, of having her practice magic, played into a different angle… and I ran with it from there. Hoo boy, did I run with it.

Little by little this chapter’s trickling in, a scene or two a night. It’s probably the slowest gestating one I’ve written so far, but that’s fine. It’s important to get it RIGHT.

I’ll need to sit down and think out the next few chapters, since we’re moving scenes up to the Kennedy Space Center, and getting back to this thing I like to call “the plot”. More to come.




5 responses

16 08 2009

The way Emily uses magic is really interesting. It has a science to it…it makes sense. She very much is a utility witch.
The fluffy scenes between Scout and Emily made me sigh. So sweet!

16 08 2009

Popping the Question
*spittake* Scout!! (((O_O)))
But what a brilliant and typically Scout interjection. I mean, not ONLY is it tactically clever to beat Q.O.I. to the punch, but he so clearly means it _too_.
Dammit, I really want to do fanart of the four of them together at the beach, particularly Emily. But first I need to finish my regular portrait art of them. And first I need to drag together the energy and focus to do anything creative. Bad week for it, but I must! @_@

17 08 2009

That also seems totally Scout-like. Raised “honorable” and all, matrimony would be his ideal end-game.

17 08 2009

I have a question. How exactly does Scout’s marrying the queen of winter work? Is he marrying Lady Winter herself or one of her underlings? Does she do this often or is Scout just an exception? For some reason, I don’t fully understand it.

17 08 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I suggest re-reading their first encounter in Austin from a04. I can’t explain more, without spoilers.
I will say this isn’t something she’s ever done before.

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