a07 wants to rock and roll all night (and party every day)

13 08 2009

Elf booty got soul. Elf girls like to rock and roll.

This is a surprisingly hard chapter to write. It feels too much like “Yavain’s narrated tour through various ideas I’ve had about a weird hybrid culture”. I think though that we’re past that phase of the story, and as of the last scene, back with the core cast and how THEY feel and think about things. Should be smoother here on out.

I also need to finalize a06. Not much to do except a spellcheck. I do plan to do an editorial pass over ALL the chapters before I put them to print — odds are there are some lingering errors or clunky word choices. Although print options may be a bit nuts… the series has so many pages in length that putting it in a self-published book could make the book expensive. We’ll see how it goes. One way or another I wanna get this dang thing on paper, even if just to say I put this dang thing on paper. (It’ll also go in the Amazon Kindle store, and probably other digital booksellers, because they’re easy as pie and has no size limits.)

But, that’s for the future. For now, there is Rock. Feedback welcome.




14 responses

13 08 2009

For a moment, I thought the band’s name actually was PLACEHOLDER. :-D
Rock, rock on.

13 08 2009

Hey, it probably could be; it wouldn’t be the worst band name I’ve ever heard.

13 08 2009

Looking good so far in the new parts, although on the typo front, “swelting” jumped out at me (should be “sweltering”) after the rest stop.
Also, “moden guitar” should be “modern guitar,” I assume.
There is something very impressive about the national anthem part of the concert scene – the combination of the elven guitarist/singer putting his heart into the music the way it’s described, and Scout of all people nailing what it means for elves and humans alike.
The contrast against the heavy metal (???) of the actual band is highly entertaining, and I have to smirk at how Yavain’s timing pretty much sabotaged Scout’s growing closer with Emily.

13 08 2009

I think it’s actually a pretty good name for a band.

13 08 2009

The additions to this chapter first made me go Duh…awwwwww and then want to stand up and salute the flag while one solitary tear drips from my eye and streams down my face. So yeah it was good. It may have been troublesome to write but none of that translates to reading. The story retains it excellent, smooth quality. I’m so sad that we only have about a chapter and half of this left. Because frankly I could keeping reading about these characters and this setting for years.

13 08 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Because frankly I could keeping reading about these characters and this setting for years.
That may be a problem, because I’m hoping once the main run is over to depart from the characters a bit — or at least this particular combination of cast. Once we hit the Second Age, well, I won’t spoil, but some characters may be unavailable.
The setting, though, that should still be around… and will expand, particularly in non-Faerie ways, for folks who wanted more of the Human or Orbital side of things. And other sides.

13 08 2009

Hobbiton, it’s on!
Elves of the Realm?
Lords of Florida?
Lords of the Panhandle?

13 08 2009

Yawain is great. Just tell me he’s not going to stop trying to help any time soon. :)

13 08 2009

Consider me duly intrigued and frustrated by a lack of information. ;) As I’ve said before I’m up for whatever you want write even if that is a further exploration of the society of German Dinosaurs.

13 08 2009

Especially if it’s about the German Dinosaurs.
Although I feel as if I’m just getting to know and love these characters. It’ll be kind of hard to leave them. I hope to see a little more about them, even if it’s not a huge story arc.
Don’t let that stop you, however. I’m sure I’ll like any character you make.

14 08 2009

Well, you know Mr. Pratchett has often written from different POVs. It’s nice to be able to give a character a rest and then return to him/her/it.

14 08 2009

I agree. Even though I enjoy the old characters, I still want to see any others. I think this setting gives way to being sort of like Gagne’s Discworld.

14 08 2009

I agree, though I did run into a minor snag, not being in the US, I’ve never internalized the Star Spangled Banner. The only tune that comes to mind when national anthems get mentioned for me is my native one of Advance Australia Fair. I know I’ve heard the US anthem before I just can’t think of what it sounds like. I had to fight picturing what I know is entirely the wrong song during that entire scene.

14 08 2009

Gah, forgot to log in, that was me.

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