a07 thinks you got a purdy mouth

7 08 2009

Well, it beats becoming a high orbit ice cube.

I’ve really been looking forward to a07. It’s an entirely new aspect of Faerie and human culture, which I’ve been hinting and building towards, and now can properly show in contrast to what has come before. I’m also finding Nel, who was a surprise character addition to the saga that I came up with during a06’s preplanning, will integrate very nicely into it.

At first my problem with this chapter was a complete lack of conflict; it was a road tour of various concepts and locales, a sequence of events without any tension or danger. I think I’ve got a decent threat I can inject into the proceedings now without having it feel extraneous, too.

But the planning process was not easy. For the last three days I’ve basically been in a mental haze, putting ideas together slowly in my head; I had a general idea of what had to be accomplished, but not a plot, no characters beyond the one we meet in this scene, nothing really figured out. I’m an INTJ, I believe… I meander and wander and wobble around in ponderance until everything clicks and then I hit that thing so hard whoever pulled me out would be the rightwise King of England.

Feedback welcome.

EDIT: Also, two new Witchipedia articles, highlighting things that appear in this chapter: Florida and a word about Media.

Witchipedia may have to change drastically once we reach the Second Age and many things change. I’ll probably have a ‘spoiler protected’ Witchipedia 2.0 with additional articles that wouldn’t be appropriate for someone reading the first series.




9 responses

7 08 2009

It does beat being a boiled ice cube. (Ah, space… one of the few places you can boil and freeze at the same time.)
And it’s not at all remotely what I could have considered expecting. Bravo.

7 08 2009

New reader
I don’t know if you’re still keeping track of reader numbers, but after a01 didn’t really do anything for me, for some reason the first few sentences of a06 in the RSS feed ended up sucking me in for the ride.
I realized I care about Nel now, after thinking I wouldn’t because she’s so very timid. I hope “the gun goes off” and we find her mom eventually.

7 08 2009

“The Temples of the Mouse” indeed. Shades of FAQing Hostile, 2f? :)
Also, the page title still says “Anachronauts 06”. Other than that, looks great so far, as always.

7 08 2009

Typo hunt mode, on!
– Somebody already mentioned the page title says “anachronauts 06,” which threw me for a second.
– Shouldn’t “Milky Way” be capitalized?
– “The group frozen its …” should be “froze in”. I also suggest replacing the dash with a semicolon just after that.
Looking good other than those typos, and I like the way this chapter’s going. Yavain promises quite the supply of jawdroppers.

7 08 2009

kickin’ ass!

7 08 2009

Appropriate icon, 2f. :D
Neat to be learning more about elves, although the local populations might be a bit… unusual.
If Una had an extra outfit in her backpack, she could’ve worn that after getting organically contaminated in the arcology, eh? Not that they had time to change — as I recall she just said she needed a shower, which would’ve been true regardless.
“I know a guy” = casualness win and gold

7 08 2009

I was wondering if we would ever get to meet SexyElf84.
I keep getting this image in my head of some drunk guy hitting on Emily in a bar and Scout turning him into a pretzel. XD
I think it’s amusing that the elves have taken human stereotypes (hillbilly in a swamp) and run with them. They probably learned about them from old Hollywood movies, which is kind of scary, actually, since Hollywood grossly stereotypes anyone not from New York.

7 08 2009

I actually have two questions:
Are there female Winterhounds? Scout said Winterhounds are MOSTLY males, but that seems to imply the existance of females.
Are there half-fey? None have been mentioned, but since faeries can use glamours to make themselves super-gorgeous, it seems it could be possible.

7 08 2009
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yes and yes. These are things I can expand upon once we get to the Second Age.

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