And the Elf is…

28 07 2009

Okay, it’s evening, I’ve collected a lot of great replies, and I’ve come to a decision what to name this new character.

Envelope? Thank you. Drumroll, please.

And the winner is…

Nelliwyn Myfanwy
(but you can call her Nel.)

Thanks to demota and cmdr_zoom, along with with omahdon for the namenickname gimmick idea.

Runner up is raigne with “Iris” which was quite beautiful and would’ve fit the character great too.

Thanks! As for everyone else, thank you so damn much for helping. To you, I give a quietly badass man with a robotic arm.




8 responses

29 07 2009


29 07 2009

Robot arm! Also, the sound effect is;

29 07 2009

That name is perfect. I love the way Myfanwy sounds.

29 07 2009

Hooray for nicknames!

29 07 2009

I feel like I’m lisping when I try to pronounce the last name, but I like it anyway xD

29 07 2009

To me it sounds like a secret thank-you from Twoof. “My fan. Whee!”

29 07 2009

Oh no. Now I’ll look for secret codes in everything he rights from now on.

29 07 2009

… now I want to make a joke about Stefanography.

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